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Auto Blueberry Kush

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by StuntShine420, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. So I received my seeds today and have finally decided to start a grow journal. Not much to say right now, I'm really high.... Here's the 1st pic of my journal... the seeds

  2. Well, my first seed cracked... here we go. Oh, I plan on growing these in a DWC with my home made CFL grow light until my 150w HPS shows up.

  3. Well three of my four seeds are ready and in peat pellets. Hopefully they'll sprout as fast as the bagseed I've been growing (about 48 hrs most). Here's more pics to stay updated.

    Hope everyone enjoys!

  4. Update: My fourth seed cracked and sprouted it's tap root! so far so good with 100% germ rate. Also the first two seeds are pushing out of the pellets, I might have sprouts tonight! I'll post pics soon.

    Keep Smokin'
  5. hey hey, just stoppin by to assure you that someone is watching, and i'm sure they'res more. looks like you already know a all the basics, and are doing just fine. cant wait till those babies sprout.

    what kind of DWC are you going with?
  6. I'm using a four site bubble-bucket and I've got General Hydroponics nutes but I need to figure out what recipe to use for auto-flowering as these are the first ones I've done. Do I actually start them in pure water till they have roots or start at 1/4 strength "Grow" formula?
  7. its my first time doing this also, i started from clone, but i think the principle is the same.

    i dont know what you do and do not know, but this is what i was told to do that worked well for me:

    -grow the seed in the jiffy pot until it has a couple roots sticking out
    -transfer the jiffy pot to a basket with hydroton, putting the pot about halfway down the basket
    -fill your res with clean water till it touches the bottom of your net pot
    -hand water the plant until you see roots coming out the bottom of the basket (this only took a day for mine)
    -slowly back off the water level to 1 inch below the basket as the roots develop
    -no nutes till the 2nd or 3rd leaf-set, and start at a low concentration (like 300ppm to start)
    -as the plant grows, slowly raise the ppm by like 50 every two or three days, carefully checking for signs of nute burn on your plant. as long as there is no nute burn, you can keep raising it. the limitation on what your plant can handle is directly related to the type of light you have.
    -it it shows signs of nute burn, back the ppm off by 50 and give it a couple of days to recover.
    -i'd say switch to the bloom when it starts showing pre-flowers
    -the key to this is patience and watching your plants for signs of nute burn. if you see it, you need to act fast, and lower the ppm to minimize any damage to the plant.

    hope this helps, and if anyone sees anything wrong with this, please correct me.
  8. I'll definitely try that method, sounds like a good shot. As for the babies... so far so good! Two are sprouting, one is about to, the last is my late bloomer.... I'll be in the hydro before I know it! I also got my good camera back and got some close up high res shots of my babies! Enjoy!

  9. Just passing by checkin out your grow op, Good germ ratio!!

    Good Luck

  10. ooh, baby shots. looking good. those roots will drop fast, and you'll be in that bucket soon. looks like if you're carefull, you can take those shells off and help them along a bit. or you can let nature do it's thing, either way, lookin good.
  11. Hey Blades, sorry it's been a while, my internet was down. So far all but one look pretty good, I'll get a pic of my weird looking one tonight when I get home from work. Until then, here's some updated pics.




  12. good lookin' so far. nice, really healthy looking sprouts.

    only thing i see that could be a problem is that you need to lightproof the lid of your rez. light will get through that and cause algae to grow. use some aluminum foil tape or some mylar, just make sure you're not getting any light in there.

    you're doin' great so far, just keep it up.
  13. yeah thats what i try to tell everyone on this forum, but they dont seem to believe me...hhaahaahaa
  14. lol, I read! I'm a firm believer in dark roots too ;)
  15. The lid used to be be clear but now there are so many coats of black paint underneath the white I couldn't see a spec from my grow light through it. It works really well, I made sure of it. BTW I did get a pic of my weird plant... any ideas?? All my others are perfect and healthy...

  16. hey stuntshine.....if you are who your avatar says you are. i know someone that has stunted with you or your friends in florida,,,, dont think this is scary gary but it may be????:D
  17. Sorry but honestly I am no Gary but I do LOVE to stunt and I know who Scary Gary is. If your wondering, I did choose my name because of the DVD. StuntShineState is def one of my favs.
  18. one of my friends used to ride with HAI.
    gary is pretty sick but doesnt hold a spreader/special k/highchair combo to my friend. haha
    that kid an circle wheelie combo as good as Manna from Hawaii.
  19. I am very interested in this strain, I will have to keep my eye on this journal, good luck man.
  20. Thanks for the interest. I too am very hopeful that this is a bomb strain, I'm really pushing for a seed run on this grow, $80 for 10 seeds is alot but $80 for seeds for the rest of my life, worth it

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