Auto Big Bang 4x4x6.5 tent 400W (First Grow)

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    I have to admit I'm about four weeks from seed into my grow right now; however I did take pictures along the way. I have been meaning to start a journal, just haven't had the time.

    What I Have:

    4x4x6.5 Tent
    400 Watt HPS light (I have a 1000 Watt ballast I just bought, just don't know if I want to use it yet)
    6" Vented Hood
    6" 449 CFM Vortex inline fan
    6" Phresh Carbon Filter (On order)
    C.A.P AIR-4 (On Order)
    Bubble buckets
    4" Rockwool cube
    6" bucket lid netpot
    290 GPH pump
    2 outlet vacuum pump
    1 Auto Big Bang seed (Freebie from Single Seed Center):smoke:

    Veg: Lucas Formula
    Flower: Lucas w/Advanced Nutrients Additives:
    Big Bud
    Bud Candy
    Rhino Skin
    Botinicare Cal Mag

    Now I did have a pretty serious heat problem last week, that I think I have under control. So some of the pics I upload you will see the result of Heat stress. The plant looks a whole heck of a lot better today than it did on Friday.

    I think she just started flowering on Sunday. She is really starting to stink. So I just changed the res today with all of the flower nutes. keeping fingers crossed that I'm not too early.

    I'm using rain water that is collected in a 50 gallon barrel that is runoff from my roof. I tested the water it has an EC of .051

    After my nutes are mixed they have a PH of 5.8 no PH down needed :D, and an EC of 2.56

    Like I said I have pictures taken, I just need to get them sorted and uploaded. I'll try to update this thread tonight with pictures.

    The first couple pics are about two weeks after she germinated. These were taken 4-25-11

    Yes I know the light is too high, I raised it for the picture. It currently sits about 12" from the top of the plant

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    These next pictures were taken 5-3-11, not too bad for the first week in the tent. As you can probably tell, there is the early signs of heat stress, which of course i ignored thinking it would fix itself.:eek:

    Although in my defense I spent a week on the internet trying to figure out what it was.

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    These Pics are from May 7th, so about three days since the last set of pictures.

    First pic is my new toys to try and fix my heat problem. The rest of them, is the problem I am trying to fix. (Heat Stress)

    Ok one of my pictures must be too large it keeps removing it when I hit submit.

    I may just have to take another picture of my hood and fan.

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  4. More from May 7th

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    Last but certainly not least, just last bit of pictures I have taken. Taken yesterday morning. As you can see the heat stress is looking a lot better after only two days. :hello:

    So that's all I have for now. What do you guys think? Am I on the right track, or on a road to failure?

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  6. Ok last update for tonight. I took pics of my equipment and a couple more pictures of Abby (that's what I call her) A uto B ig B ang and I just added the Y.

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  7. And here is my favorite piece of equipment. :D
    Yes it's an IP camera so I can watch my plant/temps from work. If it gets too hot, I call the wife and have her turn my exhaust fan on. :D

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  8. hmm I must have grabbed the wrong sponge when I was cleaning my buckets before the nute change. Does anyone know if dish soap will hurt plants? I have soap bubbles almost filling my bucket, and they smell like Palmolive. Would it be ok to just skim the bubbles off, or should I toss the whole thing, wipe it down and start over.
  9. So.. you have a vented hood or no? In this picture it doesnt appear your venting your hood..

  10. [​IMG]

    Ok i see.

    You have that 440 CFM fan hooked up full blast, pushing your hot air out the window and your temps are still hitting 90's ?
  11. why is the venting looping back over the top?
    thats really inefficient.. the shorter your ducting the more effective it will be.
  12. Yes, the fan is pulling the air through the hood and venting it out of the window, and it is hitting the 90's.
  13. Ok, so...

    When you zip up the tent, you have negative pressure yes?

    How are your passive intakes set-up?

    I would make sure your passive intakes are as closed as possible, so the inline has no choice but to pull the heat out, perhaps your passive intake have created an air loop, and your inline is pulling more air from your passives than from your tent/hood.
  14. Where are you measuring your temps from? pot level or canopy level?

    Follow up question on your exhaust ,

    At the window , did you seal it up so no air can get back inside from outside?
  15. I did have them sealed tight before I put the AC in the Tent. And that was no help.
  16. OK hold the fort. I'm wondering if my hygrometer isn't defective. Attached are: First picture temp reading on AC, second picture temp reading on hygrometer. Both devices are within a foot of each other. And the pictures were taken within seconds of each other.

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  17. honestly, with only 400 watts, and a good 400 cfm fan, thought should keep your temps at least in the mid 80's !
  18. What is the ambient temp. outside the tent? maybe this is where you need to condition your air temps. Not gonna help much if your just sucking in the same heated exhaust air.
  19. Yeah I've been working on a solution to the ambient temp problem im thinking of building a wood box to enclose the window. Cut out a hole for the hose and spray foam the crap out of it. That should keep the exhausted air from being sucked back into the room.
  20. I finally have my temps under control. They are stable between 78-81, with humidity at 41%. I can live with that.

    Here are pics from last Wednesday.

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