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  1. Hello everyone this is my first grow I am attempting to grow berry Ryder I am using a old plastic tool box and will be using cfls throughout the entire grow. My little bean popped her head out of the soil on the 13th. The temp in the box is running around 71 and the rh is down around mid 20s that brings me to my question how important is it to keep humidity up and how can I bring it up still being stealthily
  2. sorry been trying to get good pics trying to take them from my phone sucks but here they are she is 5 days old today
  3. Well I don't know what happens tried to post 4 pics but only the one showed up still trying to figure out how to navigate the forum
  4. Small spaces, Lots of lights making heat.. high speed fans to keep things cool.. my grow box sees zero humidity at times.. doesn't seem to bother the plants..
  5. Damn homie my plants see 97% when the cab is closed for 10hrs so i just try and block all light while the cab is open/lights off to keep hum. Down to around 43%
    But its lookin good BGuy

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  6. Thanks for the insight guys! I just hope to get through a whole grow with out Jacking something up. Seems to be almost a science to growing hell 20 years ago we just toss our seeds in the ground and let them grow. Shit used to water with bong water now it's got to be Ph water lol.
  7. I really just wanna throw my seeds in the ground, but theres too many thieves where I'm from

    Check out Jackie and Jah in my CFL grow!
  8. Yeah I hear you on that one.. People like that take the fun out of it
  9. What's everybody think about lst a auto I have heard both don't do it to it's a great way to get a bigger bud sights and when would be the best time to start
  10. Day 7 since I dropped her in the soil


  11. Nice man looking nice. Just a suggestion maybe add one more high lumen CFL and put a cup of water in the grow space. And or leave water in a runoff pan under the pot. You are going to want your Humidity up around 30-45%. But otherwise looking good! And yes lol now it is down to a science, they way I always look at it is the plant is grown depending on all the variables (light, water PH, etc..) and The more you know about it, the more control you have over all the variables.
    Here's my grow if you wanna check it out, it might help with some ideas. It's a stealth micro too!
  12. Haha yea normally you hear that, but I think that's just the old way. Because I've seen some awesome Auto LST grows.
  13. Thanks for the input guys since this is my first indoor stealth grow I might just let it grow I am just concerned that I will run out of room in my box
    day 8 since I put her in the soil


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  15. they look great mate. LST increases yield if your set up demands it or indeed allows it. if the plants don't fill up your full canopy area then light is wasted and your better off LSTing somewhat. however if you have plenty of height but no side room left then LST isn't going to do you any favours. the only thing I would stress about auto's is don't chop anything off. if you prune anything on a manual you always can give it more veg time to recover, but you can't with auto's so leave intact. they look good for 10 days so keep it up :)
  16. Thanks man yeah I was not going to do any type of pruning and don't think I am going to lst her either I am Planing on building another box to give me a little but more vertical growth. She is a beautiful little plant and want her to just do her thing with as little stress as needed.

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