auto berry ryder and original amnesia grow

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  1. Hello everyone. I'm growing these under a super grow led and 2 55 Watt cfl. They are about a 2 and a half weeks old. We have started lst and have already tied them down twice. The Berry Ryders lower main stem is kinda skinny but it's upper is pretty thick. The original amnesia has very small space between the nodes and two bottom leaves contorted some after they first sprouted. I'm guessing because the Ph in the potting soil was off. They are both now in coco coir and using sensie a&b. Cal mag. Have little burn on the Berry Ryder. I also have a rotating 13w cfl I put close. Do they look OK? This is my first grow... and they look great to me, but of course everyone thinks their babies are beautiful. The lights are 20 /4 and temps range from high 60s at night and high 70s during day.

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