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  1. Well I have ran out of bud to smoke and have decided to start anew. I feel stupid for waiting this long for my next grow, now I have to wait another 2 months for some smoke. Well lesson learned. I started the end of April and She sprouted May 1st. Along with Automatic Blueberry by LowLife I will also be starting a mother plant of White Rhino so when this girl finishes, I'll have some clones ready to flower. I'll be starting that one in about another week, The Blueberry is in my veg box right now cause I like CFL's for seedling. If the WR proves to be a good strain then I'll keep clonin' away, thus getting a harvest every month and a half or so. I'll keep you updated on the White Rhino once in a while aswell. Now onto some of the stats.

    Light: 150w HPS All-In-One SunSystem(I may throw some extra CFL's in there if I feel I'm not getting enough lower light)

    Soil: My own creation of sifted fruit/eggshell/ash compost Along with some new and recycled Fox Farms Ocean Forrest. All in all a 1/2 and 1/2 soil-perlite mix. I plan on brewing up some AACT here in a bit, would like some advice on some tea starter packs

    Nutes: I will be using at the start a small amount of CNS17 veg nutes, just to get her nice and healthy since they start flowering so early at 2 weeksish. For flowering I will be using Fox Farm's Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom. Along with these I will also use Aloe Vera juice, maybe some org. Blackstrap Mollasses and every now and then some superthrive. Also for some efficiency fixes I got CalMg and some epsom salt with I dont even think I'll use.

    Cab: 2x3x5' DxWxH metal framed tent with Panda Film for my sides.

    Fan: Dayton Blower Squirel Cage Fan Pushing a good 131 CFM, I know it's not the best fan but I can't really shell out a hundred bucks for a fan at this time. I cleaned and disinfected the whole tent and then did a test run for a day to see how the temps were in the summer. She did great, never saw it go over 80 deg.

    So peep the pics and tell me what ya think GC



    Mother/Clone Box

    And the girl herself
  2. Ok sorry for waiting so long to do my next update, but nevertheless it's here. I'm right about at the two week maker, and everything has been goin fine. She's been transplanted to a 2 gal bucket so she has a chance to spread her wings. I've started her on some nutes, I bought a complete soil testing kit that contained pH and N, P, K level tests. In my soil I used some ash for an organic N. So when I tested it it said that it was fine in N but low in P K. So I didnt want to overload on the N and burn her with a veg nute that's along the lines of 4-2-3, so I used the flowering nutes since it has a very low N ratio, to help balance it out. She seems to like it no signs of stress or anything. Been keeping the pH at about 6-6.5 every watering.

    The only "problem" I have is that the root sprouted wrong, going down then back up then back down, and yesterday that part of the root came up through the soil. I dont think it will make any difference, only I may have to make some supports later when she gets a little top heavy.

    I can allready tell that this is goiong to be a hard hitting indica with such broad leaves. I'm so excited to see her final product. The seed is by LowLife and on their description they said that theyre automatic blue berry is there highest potency they have to offer. Since LowLife carries some very strong strains I can't wait to see the THC production.

    Here you can see what this stem is doing. Any ideas or warning?

    Top shot

    Side shot

    And heres some products I'll be using
  3. looks good I also just started a new tent 1st grow good luck to ya !
  4. Gracias sir
  5. It's a dude! Fucking A... I'll post some pics later, but I started a White Rhino and Master Kush seeds a couple days ago. Now the blueberry seed was feminized so do you think it is possible that it's a hermi and will start sprouting buds aswell?
  6. $15.25 for Fox Farms nutes is pretty damn good.
  7. Ok well the white rhino popped so I will plant her shortly. I hope it's a she. Any Ideas to wether this could be a hermie and will still grow buds. like I said before it was a feminized seed so in my head that means that all the seeds will either be hermies or fems. And if so should i cut off the little balls?
  8. looks good man. im growin lowlife's BB myself. just strarted it 3 days ago. im interested to hear what people think about it havin balls, somebody help this guy out!!!!!!
  9. well i know its a male, and I ordered feminized, I know theres like a 2% chance of a male but I am still p/oed

  10. Yes sir it dfoes but on a good note the master kush has sprouted!
  11. Let's do this!
  12. Master kush sounds good
  13. It's in my sig

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