Auto AK47 -- Lowryder 2 -- 150W HPS + CFL -- Stealth... shhhh

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  1. Hello to all my GC peeps. Its the newly hatched bean, the SeedDoctor here. :wave:

    This is a journal I am putting together to catch you all up on my new grow space and the finishing weeks of my first "test" grow. Let me tell you, this is my kind of test :D! I started playing around with growing a year ago and figured that I learned -- after a lot of trial and error -- how to put together the type of grow room that I needed.

    The grow has been going for about seven weeks now. So let me get you up-to-date!

    The Strains
    Flowering four plants. Two auto AK47s and two LR2. These are all from Doc Chronic. The autos are femmed seeds. The AK47s are on day 55 and the LR2s are on day 49.

    The space
    Stealthy (hidden away nicely) indoor storage space that I have added a small grow space. You might call it a grow locker or cubbie. This bugger is pretty small. It measures 32 inches deep, 24 inches wide and about 48 inches tall. I have it lined with wood and poly sheeting. It is light and mostly air-tight. Temps are running about 78 - 80 degrees.

    Fans & Lights
    I have a powered exhaust with a 120 MM 12V PC fan. I also have a fan inside for circulation. The intake is passive. There is a 150W HPS. On the side are sockets where I am currently running 160W of 2700K CFLs, 310W total. Lights are on 18/6.

    Nutes & Watering
    They are all in FFOF soil with additional perlite (three gallon bags) and have had only molasses. I started giving one out of three waterings with molasses about three weeks ago. I will continue this for another two weeks. Distilled water only. I have a reservoir with a submerged pump and a drip system. Automation :p!

    The space is in a remote part of my house, in a storage area. It is light proof and I am using ONA (plant oils based) and dryer sheets. I swap out the ONA canister about every four days with a fresh one. So far so good! :cool:

    Check out the pics. As you can see I have filled the space with bud. there is very little space left in there it is either bud, reservoir or the intake. The AKs are getting fat and seem plump and lush with water. One has little branching. Not sure how best to describe them. But they just seem juicy. LOL. The LR2s are getting frosty as hell. I love the frostiness of the LR2s and these look like they are going to be great.

    Harvest is in about three weeks:bongin: :yay:. I have yet to check out trichs under the microscope. I don't think I am going to do that for another week at least. But we are nearing the end and I am pumped!

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  2. Hey sir blunts... Thanks for stopping by. I am predicting about 2.5 to 3 ounces. I will def post though. Stay tuned more pics to come.
  3. yeah that sounds about rite! i was hoping to harvest about 1 1/2oz per plant under the 600w that shoudl give me a nice amount! i also got another 10 fem ak47 ready to germinate on week4 of current grow so that i get a nice supply every 4 weeks, but with all honesty im neva going to grow with autos again! already got my self some big buddha cheese fem reg! im going to use that as a mother plant and get clones from it!
    3oz per plant easy and only takes 8 weeks untill you can harvest! (from clone)
  4. Here's a little mother's day update for you. I removed the one Auto AK with little branching. It definitely had a problem... it was basically dying and rather than try to troubleshoot it, I just pulled it out. Not sure what the problem was :confused:. But I pulled it out last week. It is drying and it looks like there will be some smoke out of it.

    The other three look fantastic. They had a nice growth spurt in the past week. Could that molasses be kicking in? The AK is on day 65 and the LR2 are on day 59.

    I also looked at the leaves under the microscope and I was blown away at the LR2. It looks great under the scope. It is much frostier than the AK and the trichs are getting nice and cloudy. I am guessing another ten days for the LR2.

    The AK seems to have increased the trich production in the past week. Under the scope her trichs were not nearly as cloudy. I am guessing two full weeks (more?) for her.

    So we are still two weeks at least from harvest. Cannot wait! :hello:

    More pics in a few days! :wave:

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  5. Great setup seeddoctor, I'm actually at exactly the same stage (day 57 since germination) on my ak47xlowyder#2 autoflower... we have very similar setups except you built your own setup (kudos on that) and I bought the AG =) ... I'm giving you rep, a subscription and dubbing you my Eazyryder Brotha! :D

    I noticed the tube and the white spigot in that last picture, is that some sort of carbon dioxide device? I'm interested in trying that for my grow and am interested to know what yours is all about... lots of good vibes your way :smoking:
  6. Hey Dr. Jekl Man our grows are pretty similar. I am excited to be trying the Easy Rider (auto AK X LR2).

    The white thing on the stick is a sensor for my thermometer. I will definitely check out your grow!
  7. Very nice! + rep. Im doing an all CFL grow and I'm thinking about a compact 150watt HPS for flowering and using my CFLs to supplement it for the sides of the plant. Your grow is showing me its a good idea:D. I did not see you say what light and spectrum you vegged with. Did you veg with 6500k CFLs or with the HPS?
  8. :wave: Higha Sd, this grow looks awesome! The LR's are better than the AK? I guess we'll have to wait and see. :smoking:

    The grow space sounds decked, and the temps are reasonable for such a small area. I have a much larger open space, and my temps are always between 78-81, with only 24-29% humidity.

    I can't wait to see what you pull offa these babies! :D:smoking:

  9. Lol, I'm getting so excited by a CO2 device that everything is beginning to look like one! :smoking:
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    Hi Buzz!! Love seeing you here!

    The temps are helped by my exhaust being mounted to blow air vertically out and at the height of the space. But the temps are being helped by the fact that you just got here....I think this grow just got a lot cooler!

    The LR2s I dont think will be better. It is just that they are so much more trich covered right now. I have noticed that the AK has gotten significantly more sugar coated in the past few days. There is definitely a difference. I am sure they both will be fine. :bongin:
  11. Hey GSXRKID. Thanks for stopping by. I vegged under 6500 spectrum CFLs. I veg in a separate small grow cabinet. It was my first attempt at a grow space. It did not work out perfectly but it works fine for vegging.
  12. Hey All my GC Blades. We are getting closer to harvest on this test grow. I mean test in that I am testing my new space and getting it tuned up for years of growing :hello:.

    The pics are from last night. The girls are looking great. It is hard to tell from these pics but the AK47 is much larger than the LR2s. The LR2s are about eight or nine inches and the AK is about 13 inches tall. Her main cola is about the size around of a beer can. She is definitely getting more trichs. This seems to have happened in the past few days.

    The LR2s are awesome. They are such small little plants but almost completely loaded with bud. I trimmed dead/dying leaves last night and when you do that there is very little left to the LR2s but.... bud:D!!

    I checked the trichs last night and the LR2s should be done in a week. The Ak47 maybe ten days or two weeks. Cannot wait.

    Catch you all soon!:wave:

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  13. Hey GC :wave:. Here is an update on day 69 for the AK47 and day 63 for the two LR2.

    As you can see from the pics things are getting close. The plants are loaded with buds. They are small but in some ways they are big. The AK47 as you can see has a great cola. Her cola is as big around as a soda can. I tried to get some scale with the beer bottle.

    The LR2 are so freaking frosty I cannot believe it. They just look fantastic. I always say this... that they are tiny but loaded with bud... cuz its true! :p

    I checked them under the microscope and the LR2 I said was bursting in the pics is probably a few days from harvest. I planted like six LR2 to get these two and I did them in two phases a few days apart. This plant might be more like 66 or 67 days old. I am thinking I will harvest her next Wed. She was about 75% cloudy and about 5% amber. I am aiming 100% cloudy and about 15% amber. That is how I like it :bongin:

    The AK seems like it will take more than a week. She frosted up wonderfully in the past few days. I think they love the molasses. Because in the past two weeks she has lots of new growth in her buds. Check out the pics I think you can see the different lumps expanding from her cola. But she will definitely take more time. I just gotta be :cool:.

    My prediction on the harvest is two ounces. I have my fingers crossed...

    Later peeps!

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    Damn SD :eek: Your stuff is looking awesome! I'm sorry I haven't been around in a while, you're a good friend and I should have been here for you more.

    It looks like you're all set in the dank department, way nice grow SD! :hello::smoke: :love:
  15. Hi Buzz!! Thanks for coming by. I owe an update and will get one out tonight. I am so excited by these plants. I harvested on LR2. But am still holding out on the other two plants... you know for dankness! :bongin:

    Psst.... I also have three Easy Ryder females going just over two weeks old... new grow space is rocking :yay:

    Love ya Buzz!
  16. wow nice buds! looks very dense. my last grow was an easyryder and was very happy with the results..Love how they finish so fast!
  17. NICE grow!!! cant wait to see how much ak will produce! I just started auto ak and so far only 1 seed has popped outta 3. I got 2 more left to germ. For some reason im not having good sucess germinatin with these auto strains :confused:. Good luck and hope to see pics of the ak harvest!
  18. Lookin' nice seeddoctor... hope you enjoy your smoke! Do you have a final weight/plant?
  19. update on the AK?

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