auto ak47 and blueberry

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  1. hi all

    this is my first grow and being done on the cheap, sort of :)

    am growing the 2 strains from

    have just put them in the airing cupboard using the tissue method

    will then be putting them into grodan cubes and then into my own dwc set up

    this is a 90l container which will have a home made top of hardboard covered in black plastic. 8xholes cut to accept 140mm net pots, into which the grodan cubes and some hydroton ontop.
    air supp;lied by a 600lph air pump atached to 4 6inch airstones(one under two pots)
    lighting will be approx 150w of cfl bulbs for the first couple of weeks and then will switch over to a 600w hps

    feed for couple of weeks will be tap water and superthrive
    then onto some ionic grow and bloom

    grow room is 4ftx2ft and will be lined with some reflective paper

    think that about it as my seeds not done anything just yet but then it only been a hour:):)

    will keep try to all informed and a big thanks to everyone who has posted on here and shared their skills and knowledge which is giving me the confidence to give this a try :wave:
  2. hi
    been out and got a heated propagator as it was only a tenner from b an q. also got some more cfl bulbs and the wiring to hook up lighting. going to be using 10x20w so sholud be good to see,

    so far 4seeds have sprouted and are now in small cubes in the prop on the window sill :)
  3. great to see more UK growers on GC, ill keep an eye on this one mate ;)
  4. two more sprouted so are all in small blocks in the prop on window sill

    will do some pics once i have things a little more sorted :)
  5. so far 3 have sprouted and showing the first leaves

    have now taken the prop off the window sill and now put them in my cabinet under 80w's of cfl. have lowered the lights down as far as they will go but have left the lid to the prop on as it is a cloudy plastic. still waiting on 3 to pop up but can see the seed on 2 so wont be long till i have 5 succesfull :)

    have another 4 in germination pot in airing cupboard, not to hopefull on 2 but the other 2 have only been in since last night.

    am trying to do 8 at a time as it seems that the lowryder strains seem to kick up more male than females so am hoping to get 3 maybe 4 out of the 8, if they all germinate that is :)
  6. is there a tutorial on here so that i can find out about how to upload pictures plz

    thought i had managed it but thay have disappeared into the ether:)

  7. Use the website You can upoload your images there (dont forget to resize em to message board) then you get and image tag from the website. Just copy and paste the tag into your post wherever you want the picture to be. GC doesn't advise you to just "upload" your pics on to here. Better to use a 3rd party like (PS dont use photobucket, its not as safe as
  8. HI badger
    thanks for that and will go and see what i have to do. will be obvious if it works though as there will be some pics of the roughest grow cabinet going :)

    have now got 6 tiny stalks standing proud and another just popping the seed up so should be up by morning. just one more to pop and then will have my 8 to go on with

    was messing around with them and for some reason( i have lost all of mine) i have not got a clue which seedling is which so will be a little bit more interesting as things progress

    as they are in little cubes and the top felt dry i gave them all a few drops of water just to dampen the top of the cube, still felt wet at the bottom though, so that why i just dampened the top.

    just been and checked on them and after watering i must have knocked one of the cubes as it was on its side and the little seedling though had just thought awe well and just carried on upwards :) so put the cube back upright and now it bent over at i right angle. be interesting if it straightens out or keeps a kink

    looks like lst training will b easy:D
  9. going to see if picture works

    if it does this will show how my cfls have been wired up

    holes cut with a router and the lower part is covered with reflective material

    10 in total and 5 are wired up to one plug

    going to go and pick up some yo yo's tomorrow as string is cheap but it a right pita
  10. when i put the first 8 in to germinate, 6 came through resonably quickly so thinking the other 2 were possibly dud i put two more in yesterday and they came through last night, never took long, so thinking the original 2 were out even more duff then i flooded the tissue paper and then put them back in the cupboard, and this morning they came through so it now works out have 10 germinated and space for 8,
    not the worse problem to have :)

    went to shop for the eazi rollers and walked out with a fan, rollers,nutes(ionic hard water).
    feel like i got mugged:). got to remember to stop looking around these shops, they have so many bits i would like :hello:

    so far 7 up, one pushing and 2 am waiting on so dont think it going to bad so far

    now am able to put up link to photos (thanks to the one above)i will be putting some more up prob in tommorow report
  11. hi all

    have now got 10/10 seeds germinated so that part has been a sucess

    the first one to show is staring to look like in the center the next pair of leaves are starting to show, which i am not sure but dont think so bad at 5days

    cheers all and will be reporting in soon :wave:
  12. Does blueberry turn blue/purple in color?
  13. hi skurr
    not sure what colour they will turn out as this is my first time growing. bought them because i liked the discription of them. supossed to be fruity but they never had any pics of bud.

    am growing because it will be nice to know what i am smoking
    at the min in the uk you just buy weed without knowing even what type your getting which makes it all a bit hit and miss as to what effect your going to have.

    will be nice to be able to pick and choose what feeling i want, same as drink, if i want to chill i will drink fosters and if want to slump it will be jack daniels and sleep is whisky.

    so far all going good and all 10 standing up straight and leaves out to the sides as they should be. just been giving them straight tap water that has stood for the day.
    still have them in the propagator as think they 7days now so i will leave them for few more days then move them into there pots.

    thanks for stopping by and any advice given will be gratefully recieved
  14. hi all

    still trying to work out how to add pics to the post, will work it out

    anyway things are all going pretty good so far.

    my ladies are a little on the small side as i was a bit slack on the ph side when they were sprouts

    i put them in the bubble bucket that i am using when i went away last sunday and then they were just a sprout and couple of leaves, at this point i was thinking that things had maybe gone to wrong

    came home on the friday and there was a major growth burst in just the 6 days :eek:

    lifted the pots and there were the first sign of roots, and now 5days further on there are really long tap roots coming from all but one of them :yay:

    gave them a little bit of food on monday, approx 650ppm, and they are a nice green colour so plan for saturday is to up the feed level, take out the flouros and put in a 600w hps

    room is only 4ftx2ft so should be plenty of light for the now 9plants(pulled one as it relly wasnt doing anything after sprouting but now maybe i should have left it)

    as i cant put pics from gallery on to here (yet) then look at gallery and any questions i will answer.

    thanks for looking and will update when made changes
  15. hi
    just a quick update

    have now got 6 plants going having just removed 3 males. big big big thanks goes to spanishfly for his easy sexing guide in beginners section. certainly helped this one

    4 are def female and the other 2 i have my fingers crossed as they havent shown yet

    so far things are looking good and to be honest apart from the odd 5 mins here and there they have been pretty much left alone to just do their thing

    the leaves are a nice dark green with just 2 marks on a leaf where it was resting against a light, the plan o putting the 600 up never happened, will do it tommorrow when back from work.

    more pics to come so can do a comparison on growth

    till later
  16. hi

    things are moving on fast and plants are growing really well, i think so any way :)

    got plenty of bud sites and they are growing well to

    will put up more pics in gallery in morning and if any one could say how to put thumbnails into post would appreciate it, still cant find tutorial for it but have worked out how to load to gallery so half way there.

    this is turning into a good learning grow

    as much as i read and read it helps but practical experience is working out better in order for myself to fully grasp all the concepts.

    every thing could have been better done with mad temp fluctuations, ph problems and ec and ventilation.

    problems with all things but that is down to the way i am growing but even given all that i got 6 females in the end and can almost def say have got 3 ak and 3 blueberry. big differences in size and the way the plants are growing. the ak definitly branches like a huge tree so would be interested in growing the standard version and using lst to make best use of its natural tendecies

    still all things considered i would be happy if i get 3ounces off the 6plants. anything more is going to be a bonus, and looking like i will hit my original target which i am happy with on a first grow and straight into hydro and not soil.

    more later as dinner is here

  17. hi

    well got the fan all set up. better late than never:)

    it is a vortex 125mm(5") and have had to make my own carbon filter to go on it but followed one of the guides on here, forgot who's though, sorry, but it works great and is keeping the cabinet at 83f and humidity at 40%

    ec is running at 2.0 and is ionic bloom and boost

    ph is running between 5.6 to 6.0 and seems to be in range recommended on bottle

    leaves are all a nice green, there is the odd mark on a few but think that is caused more by me bruising them rather than feed but then i have only just in the last week really got conditions just about right, but as said this grow will be my bench mark for the future

    even though i am growing autos i have run out of room in my 2x4ft cab and have 7 plants.
    never realised that when they are ready they really try to spread so that all the bud sites have a chance to bloom, so they are a bit tight looking now, just a big cab of green which isnt a bad thing:)

    still things are looking good, will try to put up some pics as have read the guide and will try to follow it. just need to take some now lol

    till later

  18. 4x2room.JPG







    yeh have worked out the pic thing, might get a few more looks and if anyone has any comments or questions all are very welcome.
    cheers simon
  19. hi all

    just looking at some photo and have just realised how much they have grown in the space of a month, looking really good and not to sound to big headed i think they are not bad for a first grow but it is a great to show that all the info is on here and on the net for info

    i have only asked questions about photo and worked it out in the end, the answers are in the faq section





    pictures are not the best as i rarely use the camera and just try to put it on auto and go from there

    feedback welcomed and all comments welcome :smoking:
  20. hi all

    just a few more pics, should be of roots and also to show height of plants

    tallest plant is close to 2ft tall and shortest approx 18"

    things are still looking good and the crop should start to get harvested in the first week of may :smoking:

    bought a microscope with 30xmag and was only £10 delivered and have been looking at the trics and they are clear to some looking cloudy, so hoping that with the last week and half things will be ok

    gave them a little bit of the ionic boost alone last night and it seems to have been taken up well by the plants:) as ec went from 2 down to 1.6 and approx 6litres of water gone, and the buds clearly swelled on 2 of the plants

    dont know wether to just top up with ph adjusted water now to flush if i am looking at may harvest, may leave it a couple of days and then just top up with plain tap water

    not sure now which plant is which, ie ak or blueberry as though i have 6 plants growing they all look different, will have to remember next time to mark them

    still that is only one of many mistakes made

    temps was fine but now with the extra growth and getting warmer outside the cab temps are at 85 but humidity is at 35, seems strange as they are sucking up the liquid pretty well and thought humidity would raise

    tric production seems to have picked up to but i think that it will be less than ideal amount as i am sure i read that the plant slows prodution of trics in higher temps, but will have to put up with it as have not got the money to put flaws right just now

    feeding schedule has been a bit hit and miss, more miss than hit :eek: i think as i just have the one tub and just fill with a bucket of water that has a glug of bloom and/or boost poured in, and then i just add that to the resivoir to top up and then check the ec

    leaves all seem fine except on one plant where the leaves seem a little bit lighter green than the others. have a few marks on some leaves, some are bruising because of me and some are through a couple of time the ph getting to high

    cant wait to find out how potent these are, my worst fear is that i have got them this far and then i smoke it and just end up with a head ache:devious:

    spirit level that is 2ft long

    root ball of one plant

    any comments welcomed, any at all :hello:

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