Auto AK & Auto White Moscow dwc any advice appreciated

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  1. So I have been reading on grasscity for the last 3 years, taking notes and always getting new ideas..I'd like to say thanks to Rumpleforeskin, all his DIYs and journals is where I learned most of what I have been trying..... Enough of all that here is my set up
    400 watt Hps
    I'm running 2 5 gal buckets (Black) wrapped in ducting tape (Reflective)
    2 air stones in each
    Techno flora Recipe for success Nutes
    Canna Rhizotonic
    Ph 5.8 +\- 1
    Room temp highest 90 lowest 60

    Went about a week or so with just water and a 400 watt MH I had very slow growth at first on the white Moscow . After that I used a very light solution of veg Nutes like 1/8 of the strength I let that play out for about a week or 3. Then I switch out of buckets completely and cleaned out the Rez. The Ak grew twice as fast as the WM so I continued the slight veg solution on both as soon as I seen them show sex which was about day 28 I switched to Bloom cycle of my nutes. I'm pretty impressed on how things are going now I'm on day 50 right now from everything I have read I have about 20-25 days left. I figured I'd post for any insight on my girls, I still got a couple questions like is it to late to Scrog the grow room, should I let my ph rise during flowering, but I'm sure some one will come by the page before the end ill have pics tomorrow..

  2. get those temps down!!!!! that will slow growth and possibly cause roots issues!
  3. I've tried it was hot for a while but now it's peaking in the 80-85 area but I used the Redneck AC but it busted and spilled on my floor lol damn styrofoam my Rez temps are in the mid to high 70s I def need some kind of chiller. But here is a quick shot of my set up

  4. image-3383063878.jpg






  5. its hard to tell from the pics. Is that an aircooled reflector??

  6. you should get those res temps down to mid 60s too. if not, keep it super aerated until you do
  7. No it has no glass in it either I need to find a piece of tempered glass to fit it, I'm kind of worried about my roots is that browning normal?

  8. air cool that hood ASAP, even if you have to get another hood. Brownish roots can just be caused by nutes. Smell them, touch them. do they stink? are they slimy?
  9. Yea I kno it would make things way easier but just don't have the cash next time I'd like to get an air cooled or water cooled reflector
  10. My vent is hooked to my hood but since its open I feel like its not removing all the heat it can
  11. path of least resistance
  12. I attempted to do it as straight as possible out of the closet
  13. First 3 auto ak
    Last is White Moscow I was wondering if any one knows what I possibly is I kno my temps are a little high mid 80's , water temp 75 which is terrible but I have big strong white roots. So no root rot , ace I did the touch n smell test wasn't slimy and doesn't stink at all, do u think its a toxicity or a def, water at ph 6






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  14. It's starting at the bottom fan leaves and workin its way up
  15. Id do a res change and get that Ph down to 5.5-5.8. continue focusing on getting those temps down as well. These leaves wont be fixed but new growth should if the problems fixed. The pics are difficult to diagnose. Little circles could be calcium def. Big blotches could be Phos def. Burned tips could be overnuteing :) good old res change with half strength nutes at 5.5 should do wonders
  16. So I did a Rez change they look happy again would you say it's to late to prune a Little ?
  17. try not to prune if you can. You only want to remove leaves that are blocking useable bud sites or leaves that are about to fall off
  18. What do u mean useable bud sites I have a lot of tops and the undergrowth is flowering to but it looks a lot smaller

  19. theres 2 ideas of thinking there. Some think its best not to remove anything and damge the plant. Others think that damge is very minimal and allows the plant to put all its energy into the main coloas
  20. Well since its just u and I here in this thread what do you do?

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