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  1. First of all, im new to growing Dope.

    Me and my mate started doing this about two months ago, we bought the Auto AK-47 seeds off of the internet because they said they would be fully grown at four months but they have been in there for two months.

    One is 55mm and the other is 44mm and am wondering what or if we are doing anything wrong, i have been taking pictures along the way and will post them.

    Its a hydro setup its in a cupboard 950wide by 1300long its got three lights (Globe triple tube CFL Nelson 48W ES ELS wrm wgute melq48Ess) they are on 12 hours on and 12 hours off, and a red and blue LED light that is on 24/7 they are in pots with clay balls and at the bottom top up perlite they are in the water about 25mm and air rocks going 24/7.

    There are 4 140mm Computer fans blowing in from the side that run 24/7 to give it oxygen and a carbon philter so it doesn't smell as bad.

    in the water he have a PH level about 6 - 6.5 about two weeks ago i decided to put them up onto crates to get more light they are 440mm away from the lights.

    I cant remember when i took the photos and they have roughly been in there two months please give me feed back and any advice would be helpfull as im a noob to this still.

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  2. you messed it up by putting the cfls on 12/12 and the leds 24/7 and it started flowering, you will now have a mini plant and almost no bud.

    keep the lights all on 20/4 for the first month and a half 2 months then go to 12/12 until the buds form and trichomes show they are ready.
  3. Just some more pictures

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  4. so when you mean 20/4 thats 20 hours on 4 hours off? 7-days a week? and also what do i do now? kill them and start again or let them grow?
  5. yeah and I messed up and just realized you had autoflowers so you don't change them to 12/12. Just keep them on 20/4 their whole life. I would let them go and see what happens but I definitely would start some new ones. My guess it you may get a gram or two off the others if you're lucky.
  6. yeah they started to flower pretty much straight away ok thanks for your advice if you have any more it'll be much appreciated
  7. I'm just a beginner myself just did a lot of research first and I have an experienced friend. I am using soil and leds for my grow so I can't help on nutrients. As far as autos go, I have one growing under 20/4 and it started flowering about the 6th week and is doing great lots of budsites.

    Autos like a lot of light though because they tend to stay bushier. You may want to invest in better lighting. Either a 400watt HID set-up or an Apollo led from cidly like I am using. If you check out my grow thread I have the specs on the apollo there and in a few other threads.
  8. Sending you good vibrations.

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