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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Innocent7, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I have a dilemma. I will be going out of town for 8 days and have no one to tend to my plant. So I have done my best to set everything up so that it is still healthy when I return. It is currently 7" tall with 6 nodes in a 1gal pot. It is situated 1-2" below a 90 watt Led which I adjust every 2-3 days. It is 75 degrees in my room and it is breezy. I currently water her every 5-7 days as it is still small. (im using promix soil with Earth Juice Nutes). My first problem is watering the plant during the 8 days I'm gone. I will get around it by transplanting her into a 5 gallon and watering with 1gal of water with EJ nutes. Considering she's still small, that should last her atleast 7 days. Now the main problem: adjusting the light. My Led is on a 18/6 schedule and needs to be raised every 2-3 days. So how do I take care of this considering I won't be around for 8 days?

    Here are my thoughts:
    1. I don't want to position the LED 6" above her because that will just cause her to stretch and she'll still reach the top within 5 days anyway and then have no where to go. Plus, LeD light diminishes in strength significantly with greater distance from the plant. So here's a question, what happens if I try this method when my plant reaches the light? Will she just stop growing once she can't grow up? Will this stress her?

    2. My second idea was to somehow set up an electronic pulley that would adjust the light 5 days later but this isn't a viable option because the product doesn't exist.
  2. I would be more concerned about watering than the height of the light... get a good friend to water and check your plants.. i don't see a way out for you
  3. If you haven't trained her or anything, maybe supercrop her. That should slower her overall height growth speed since she will have multiple tops to grow at once.

    Besides that, supercropping is nice to increase yield :D
  4. Tih: I have no one who can help while I'm gone. Not an option.

    Beeze: Yeah I considering fimming but it's a blueberry and I know she germs easy so I'm afraid of stressing her.

    Is there not any way to adjust lights digitally?
    And what happens once her head reaches the LED???? Will she stop growing or grow around it?

  5. With supercropping you dont have to cut anything. I do my supercrops more like LST because I don't snap the stem to make her go horizontal, I just bend her down over the course of a couple days and voila bush time.

    No cutting
    No stem breaking


    Hmmm unless you attached a timer to a motorized hoist, I'm not sure how you could automate this.

    Once she reaches the light she is going to grow right into it. Since LED's don't put off much heat( and what heat they do put off, most gets pulled out the top) so she wont burn. It is possible that you could get some bleached leaves but I don't know.

    The lower growth will continue to grow up toward the light source.

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