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Autism/Intermittent explosive disorder/coming off high

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by fishstix, May 12, 2010.

  1. I have a son that is autistic and has violent episodes. We started treating him with cannabis and had great results for the first few months. The problem that we are having is when he is coming off the high he starts to become even more aggresive then before his dose. Is there any solutions besides a second dose to combat this issue of aggitation on the down side.

    We found that afgoo worked well in capsul form.
    any help would be great.

  2. my suggestion would be once you can physically notice aggression building

    take him down a notch
    autistic or not
    violence only harbors violence
    if you can rise above these negative vibrations of bottled emotion
    than you should be able to at least wrestle him to the ground

    don't use violence, but use his violence against him
    reminds me of my month and a half of Aikido classes

    in which i learned that violent intent can be misdirected quite easily with a little training and hands on experience(which you already have)

    don't be afraid of hurting your son, as you are only letting him hurt himself by not acting progressively on these violent outbursts

    the only reason i sound so stern is because i have had the same problems with myself in the past
    and it took me accidentally hitting my mom in the head with a broomstick
    to realize that my anger was turning into a downward spiral

    focus your chakra
    and tell your son in every way that as long as he's in your house
    YOU are the boss
    don't fear the reaper
  3. I am sure he is very well aware of the needs of his child regarding discipline. The information he is seeking is how to prevent the comedown. Should he try another strain... Would that help? or a smaller dose of the same strain to wean him down? What do you people do when you are having a bad time with coming down?

  4. Thank you I have been dealing with these behaviors for 14 years he is just 180 lbs. now a little harder to deal with, and yes aikido has come in very useful. The cannabis actully works better then any drug that he has had and he has had them all. I have tried different strains such as UK cheese this was not good. the Afgoo seemed to have the best affect .3 gram heated with coconut oil capsulated. if anybody has any insight to a better strain or maybe something like asprin for coming of the high, he cant be the only one having this problem. or maybe point me to someone on the internet who might have answers.

  5. Make the man a nice steak dinner when he's coming down guys not going to be giving attitude if he's got a nice meal.

    I have anger issues nothing like hurting anyone physically but I can snap on people if I get pissed which can happen pretty easily. Whenever I'm high I'm not mad at anyone ever and couldn't even find it in me to fight someone. I think your son should just have a re dose when he's coming down. Or just take a nap? Unless you want your kid high all the time I don't think anything will solve his anger issues. That shits got to come by itself and it's also part of being a teenager. Idk if I gave any helpful advice if not sorry.

    But props on not being like most parents and knowing that weed isn't harmful.

  6. strains higher in CBD will last longer and have a less "peaky" high. The CBD acts as an uptake inhibitor IIRC, regulating the amount of cannabinoid you can absorb at once, lengthening the process.

    I think an analogy to pain relief is appropriate. If you have to live with a specific pain all the time, you'll grow somewhat accustom to it. If I were to then take away most of that pain for a short period, when that pain returned, it would seem greater than it was before. You lost your tolerance by mitigating the symptoms.

    I think the answer here is a med that lasts longer which is going to be something with a little more CBD normally, and then keep doing what you are doing. Eating it is going to give the longest lasting effect. I would recommend getting a vaporizer to fill in the gaps between oral doses, that might help.

    edit: brazilian jiu jitsu > akido =P
  7. That makes sense what are some of the best strains out there with the higher CBD.
    I havent tried but I am curious does a male plant have more CBD. we tried him on Marinol and that was all bad. Marinol is THC which male plants dont have much of.
    idk just thinking out of the box

  8. No male plants will not have a higher CBD, Its the female plant that has the medicine. I would recommend a very heavy indica, As afgoo is an indica. marijuana wont cure your sons out burst but it will definitely help.
  9. the simplest solution really may be just to either increase his dosage or give him a second dose that could tide him over till bedtime.

    maybe i'm wrong, but it seems that a certain level of tolerance will ultimately develop, regardless of which strain you choose. i can understand your not wanting to turn your son into a stoner (this is what i infer to be the reason you're looking to avoid giving him a second dose. but i suppose you may have other reasons), but i feel choosing to have him medicate with pot may mean accepting it when he needs/wants some more.

    best wishes to you and your son

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