Authentic Z@NG Pickup

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  1. Last night we were walking around the beach area scoping out random stuff when we decided to look around a headshop.

    I ended up impulsively buying an 18" Zong (don't quote me on height).

    Let me know what you guys think.

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  2. haha thats far out just buying a bong like that man. Anyways, looks pretty tight man, how does she hit? I've never ripped a zong but I hear there good. :smoke:
  3. nice...a lil too crazy for my blood. but hope you enjoy
  4. I'd be afraid to break it. Congrats tho
  5. thats awesome, I only wish I could grab some glas like that, but there's no hiding THAT from the rents.
  6. sick shit man take good care of it
  7. Thanks guys. It hits like CRAZY. For being as compact as it is, the hits are larger than my last perculated bong. Surprisingly, there's little noticeable drag on the pull and the inhale.

    The hiding is actually no problem because I paid a little bit extra for a bag which it fits perfectly inside of.

    As for breaking it - the Z@NG can actually lay on its side, which is chill as F.:D

    For some reason, every time I step into a headshop, I seem to buy at least one thing... and that one thing is about 500% over my payroll (I don't have a job anymore).

    Idk if you guys saw my other post with the bubbler, but that was sort of impulse, too.
  8. Nice zong man, my buddys got one like it. :smoke::smoke: how much it cost you??

    ++ rep for pics bro, happy tokin :)
  9. Nice bong and B.C Rich
  10. Sexy time! Nice pickup dude. Lets see ya milk it!
  11. I'd rather not say how much it was, but your friend has definitely got some great taste.

    I'll put some milks up sometime tonight because I'll be heading out to the beach soon and yes, we are going to have a sexy time.

  12. I got a 16 inch zong with lass on glass for $180.... Shit dude, its just a bong. Quit being all white and secretive and tell a ***** how much the bong costed.
  13. it costed 467 gumballs
  14. ive got one of those... a bit smaller tho. its my favorite thing to smoke, i always compre other bongs to it. mine was 130$
  15. The tag price is $1--.99;)

    467 x $0.25 a piece = $116.75 - sounds more than reasonable to me.

    Post a picture of it man, I want to see its little brother or sister.
  16. that made me cause a disruption in the library
  17. very nice, I have a small one and would love a big one like that.
  18. Yeah, and a loose one at that.:mad: I got an awesome deal on the piece, nonetheless.

    Yeah, it's cool because you can fill it up and I think it's like 3 feet coiled up or something of that sort = huge hits!
  19. nice zong man, you ever seen a zong with a perc in it? cough cough lmao

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