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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by theduckbeast, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Hay GC,

    Our customs here are tight as a fishes bum hole and i was wondering if anyone had heard of seeds getting in oz??

    The DUck.
  2. I have had nothing but excellent service from Amsterdammarijuanaseeds. They are prompt, and seeds come in discreet packages.
    I rather think you are blaming them, because your own customs service are doing their job too well.

  3. Antisemitism is so un-cool.

    Also, if you hate AMS, why do you advertise them in your sig?
  4. Hi DUck,

    You're right about Australian Customs. They aren't letting anything into Oz. I'm at 0/3 trying to get hold of 10 seeds from the Netherlands. I'm also at 0/1 trying to get hold of a friendly American posting.

    Seems we need to organise something for ourselves. I'm sure there are lots of Australian domestic supplies, and I know first hand of the demand. It's just a matter of matching the two up, protecting the source and making it worthwhile for the supplier.

    How to go about it is a bit of a mystery. No-one seems to be putting their hand up as an Australian seed source. What to do?


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