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Australian Sellers

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Georgles, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. I live in Sydney, Australia and I was wondering if anyone knew any seedbanks in Australia or that ship to Sydney.
  2. HIGH All, hey Georgles Welcome to The City....check out this link..I'm sure you'll find what your looking for.

  3. Pft!

    Sure, just don't DARE ask for ANYTHING from Ozstoners, or they'll tell you to fuck off.

    My dislike for Ozstoners stems from the way they treat new members, and the childish, deluded, "We've got buds and you don't. We've got POUNDS of buds and we're not helping you get anything, bad luck for you" mentality that a LOT of the members seem proud to show off.

    I, (and other people I saw before I left) dared to mention that I didn't have any seeds, and 90% the replies were "Fuck off if you're gunna ask!"
  4. @ozstonerssuck, ozstoners forum is fine. its just retards like you that ruin shit and your suspossed to be almost 40 ur profile says, fkn sad cunt.

    and that seed shit ur on about, prob more to it. seems u do the same thing on this forum, telling ppl how to order their seeds n shit, yet another one of your posts says you never have ordered seeds. maybe everyone got sick of you coz you talk shit.

    RAGE ON.

  5. Oz stoners is just ONE forum in an ocean of much friendlier forums.

    And it would be good except for the handful of wankers - like you - who spend all day stroking one another.

    Thank god, the internet is so much bigger than that, hey? :eek:)

    Go pack a cone or somethin dood, you're coming across as being kinda cranky for a so-called Stoner ;)

    Did you sign-up just to dribble shit at me? .. And you're telling me *I'm* sad uh? :)

    Happy stroking!
  6. Wow! You two goobers dug up a 7 year old thread.
  7. Don't look at me man, I come to GC to get away from morons, he's stalkin' me! :)


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