Australian Organic Potting Mix - Searles Organic Potting Mix - hot or not Autos

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking at Potting mixes that are certified organic here in Australia

    There other other brands like Scotts and Debco ( impossible to find)

    Searles Premium Organic Potting Mix is a premium grade potting mix containing a unique blend of selected organic ingredients. This organic potting mix is boosted with:

    - 5IN1® Organic Plant Food Pellets
    - SeaMax® Fish & Kelp
    - Blood & Bone
    - Potash Bloom Booster

    This premium blend of organic and natural ingredients is designed for sustainable and organic growing of potted plants. This mix has excellent water retention properties while also allowing ideal drainage, providing the right conditions for your loved plants.

    - This mix contains sufficient organic fertilisers for up to 1 month of plant growth. ( actually 4 months)

    Looks good, but i wonder how it goes for autos.

    I currrently use their premium potting mix with 12 month release fertilizers
  2. Most if not all salty nute growers avoid release ferts as they do not allow you to add you own later
    without screwing up the ph and getting nute burn
    who want excess (P) and (K) and early to mid veg..?

    same with organic growers who generally a lot more fussy as to their soil contents
    in time I hope you see the same
    the best organics is found locally either by you or perhaps someone your grandfather knows

    good luck
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  3. Thank you Vostok for the reply.

    The Searles soils will sit a bit before i plant so that should be good.

    I also thinking of adding a bit of coco, and compost (Searles makes one)
    - Boosted with fish & seaweed.
    - Encourages microbial and earthworm activity.
    - Contains clay breaker to help break up and aerate heavy clay soils.
    - Helps build up deficient, sandy soils.
    - Adds valuable long life humus to the soil, activating greater plant health.
    - Contains vermicast worm castings.
    - Certified 100% Organic.

    Homemade organics from home would be nice but the compost above sounds nice

    Probably why the plants have stunted with the Searles 12 month chem fert i was using before
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