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Australian medical grade pick-up. Yeh we got that fire too.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SEMS1, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. KILLER BUDS this time guys, same price as usual $33USD for a 1/4
    Real sativa kick, im thinking this could even be a haze because of
    the density of my dealers buds, 4 colas to each of the ounces he had with more
    hairs than i have on my head.

    Notice in the last pic what looks to be some purple.
    Was some fantastic bud!

  2. looks great man. have fun.
  3. Cheers man its gone already lol.

  4. damn lol. oh well the cycle continues.
  5. .......... i didn't know you live in australia........

    buds look very dank tho, i love seeing buds from around the world lol.

    btw thats def an indica.
  6. I wish I could pay $33 for a quarter, especially of dank. Around here, $33 even for a quarter of decent mids would be an awesome deal
  7. Wow...that looks like some tastey fire right there :D

    I thought weed was illegal in aus????crazy harsh laws and stuff? Or am i mistaken?
  8. Cheers man!

    Well its decriminalized, get caught with an ounce and the fines $180 AUD or something.
    It's not to bad man.

  9. I think he just meant medical quality bud.
  10. Yeh man im from aus hahaha :smoking:

    Oi ill find a pic that might change your mind, dunno if i still got it.
    Ill have a looksie.
  11. boyos

    theres no way to tell if a bud is sativa dominant

    indica dominant

    pure one or the other


    from a picture.

    we certainly arent in a position to tell him about his own buds.

    if i had to venture a guesss
    i too would have to say that those treees are more likely to get you down than up

    and that they are indica dominant

    but no one can say for ceratain unless they are ceratin of the plants genes.


    captain bubba
  12. Yea...that would make sense.....:p thanks
  13. damn....i would kill for reliable dank at that price.....
    literally....i would....
  14. Maybe it's a haze hybrid? Anyways, that's a third of what I pay for stuff that dank, on a good day. Although, I'm pretty sure one of my guys got an O of dank for $100, so that may be changing. :hello:
  15. Well since im smoking it, know the grower, and all of that..........

    Yes it is sativa dominant, i might have the pic to prove it.
    We dont have strains in aus, well a couple mainly NL and WW
    but you wont see them often.

    BTW, it can be sativa dominant if its a hybrid or come from
    a stabilized cross.
  16. here ya go best pic i could find of the leaves.
    Well a finger of a leaf xD

  17. The only people who will really know is the grower and you and I'm more than prepared to take your word for it.
  18. ya its def a hybrid, very dense nugs tho prob 60/40 sativa.
  19. Yeh that's what i was saying about the sativa kick.
    Usually its all indica round my neck of the woods :p
  20. Holy shit man I wish I could get that for $33 a q..or free:)

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