Australian Mayor Calls for Lethal Injection for Drug Users

Discussion in 'General' started by IndianaToker, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. The mayor of Port Lincoln, South Australia, has been quoted as saying injection drug users should be given deliberate overdoses as a way of cutting down on drug abuse. Reacting to reports of higher drug use rates on the state's Eyre Peninsula, on whose coast Port Lincoln sits, Mayor Peter Davis told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Tuesday that a local needle exchange program was partially to blame, then added that its users should be killed.

    "I don't have a problem with the free needle exchange but the drug addict who wants to exchange a needle should be given a lethal injection," he said. "You want the trip of your life, in fact the last trip of your life? Not a problem, come on in and we'll deal with you."

    This week's mayoral outburst marked a return to an old theme for the crotchety official. A little more than three years ago, despite his protestations this week that he doesn't have a problem with the needle exchange, the impending opening of the Port Lincoln Hospital exchange provoked Davis to spout off in similar terms.

    "I object to offering handouts to drug addicts," he told the Advertiser. Addicts should be given "three times the lethal dose," he suggested. "I don't see why the tax-paying community should be effectively held to ransom by the drug industry. We don't need the riff-raff; game's over."

    Davis pointed to a 30% increase in usage of the exchange as evidence that it is causing the increase in drug abuse, but the Drug and Alcohol Council of South Australia Wednesday rejected that claim. Jason White, the council's director of treatment and rehabilitation services, told the Advertiser there is no evidence to support Davis' claim. Such talk only worsens the situation, he said.

    "Comments like these will only antagonize drug users and likely drive them away from health services," White said. "That's a negative for the users, but also the whole community because we need people to cooperate to reduce the problems associated with drug use."

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  2. wow, what a dick. "They do drugs, kill them" is pretty much what he's saying

    i'd laugh if he turned out to be a user ala rush limbaugh
  3. one of my friends mum is like that. "bluddeeh druggies! weh shuld keel theem All!" :rolleyes:

    oh yeah... "drug education"*. :mad: its done wonders for society. >:¬\

    *propaganda spread ignorance and predjudice.
  4. i don't usually talk like this..

    but this guy needs a fuckin slap. and some.
  5. That guy is fuckin' RETART ED yo. But seriously how'd he get in office?
  6. i wish i could say "man it's hard to believe people are like that" but... it's very easy to believe. there are lots of IGNORANT people out there.
    "I don't see why the tax-paying community should be effectively held to ransom by the drug industry." - i'm betting the drug users pay taxes...
  7. how much you wanna bet that one of his kids or grandkids uses drugs via a needle? Does he want his own family members exterminated too?

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