Australian Marijuana Grower went to jail and then wrote a book about how to grow...

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    Meet "Kog" a local legend from Nimbin (Northern NSW of Australia) who is famous for writing a book called "MARIJUANA: A GROWER'S LOT" (Green Grass Publishing (Kog) - Learning about Growing Marijuana in Australia for Fun and Profit) about how to grow marijuana from scratch. He got arrested and sent to prison for 2 years and as soon as he got out; went back to growing stunning crops. I got to meet and interview him for my website to learn about everything to do with making a living off Marijuana (and of course see his Winter Crop!):
    VIVE COOL CITY - beta than ever
    Enjoy! And please let me know what you think...
  2. sick vid, sick website.

  3. Agreed. Anyone check out the interview with Jenna Haze? That nympho was all over the interviewer at the end aahaha. I bet he hit it afterwords :cool:
  4. HAHAHAHAHA would that be the best interview ever or WHAT?

    They fucked for suuure.
  5. God I would love to live out in the middle of nowhere and do that.
  6. Wait a minute, i saw this dvd once on some website back in...October? That sounds right. It's a really great dvd, i suggest everyone check it out!

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