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  1. Hey guys, recently started doing bud, loving it, enhances everything I do. I'm from Australia and I'm very jealous of you Americans and your pricing!

    Take it easy,

    Mangled Chipmunks.
  2. Man, I wish there were even more of us. Our pricing sucks pretty bad and so do our laws but up here in Townsville man police just don't care. Should come up here one time and check out the culture :D

    May all your journeys be confusing and hazy, but nothing less than fun. :cool:
  3. Heya from Adelaide
  4. Bahaha billies and tobacco out the ass with your overpriced schwag.

    You aussies are pretty rad though, I do miss that place every day.
  5. Good to see another one of us here. Whats the smoke like where you are?

  6. Haha very true with the billies and tobacco. It sucks we have to use tobacco down here because of our prices.

    But it still get's the job done :smoke:
  7. Another Aussie here..

    30 year smoker - quit cigarettes and bongs 18 months ago and smoked pure weed for while. These days I just vape - took up running to help quit the smokes so it's better for the lungs.

    I buy natural grown bush weed from northern NSW - beautiful clean smoke at $250/oz.

    Sorry, I'm rambling - must be stoned!

  8. I have had some stuff from northern NSW. (Nimbin of course) and I've got to say... great stuff!:smoking:
  9. Prices for weed aint bad here or at least not in Perth, plus it's easy as piss to get with the amount of open drug houses you can just walk in to and buy from.
  10. Australian stoners :) here's where its at! baked off beautiful nimbin bush right now
  11. Australian stoners ftw. Apparantly we have the highest stoner percentage in the world haha something we should all be proud of.
  12. nice dude! we should all be very proud

  13. Australia and NZ are the biggest rec drug users in the world. lol random fact

  14. Ehem.

    "New Zealanders are among the highest users of illegal drugs in the world, and top the list for cannabis use, according to the United Nations 2012 Drug Report."
  15. haha yeah the article I read grouped Australia and New zealand together saying that they had the highest stoner percentage, it wouldn't suprise me if NZ has even more than australia every person I've met from there is chill as fuck.
  16. Lovin' the Aussie love!

    I'm a pom, but living and loving it waaaay up in Darwin.
  17. Aussie Tokers ! Good to see ! :)
    Check out my AUSSIE youtube channel if you guys got a chance. I have no doubt any aussie will like something on the channel.
  18. An aussie with a stoner youtube channell! nice dude! i very much look forward to checking it out brother.
  19. Thanks man :) Stay medicated !

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