Australia to get Medical Cannabis

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  1. Tony Abbott's government has thrown its support behind a clinical trial of medical cannabis, with NSW Premier Mike Baird revealing overnight that a deal was struck at last Friday's Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.
    NSW will lead the collaborative trial, with the support of the Commonwealth and other states and territories.
    The health ministers discussed the issue of medicinal cannabis at their meeting, but reinforced opposition to the recreational use of cannabis and links to mental illness.
    Premier Baird announced last month that the state government had formed a working group to set up the clinical trial, due to report back by the end of 2014.
    “A NSW working group is already driving this reform and we welcome the support of the Commonwealth and the states and territories for the conduct of the trial,” he said.
    “NSW is playing a leadership role but our historic agreement to work collaboratively on this significant issue means we have a far greater chance of success.”

  2. About time Tony...

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  3. I agree; about time. This was also inevitable. I just found the 'TIME' magazine from 2002 with a pack of cigarettes on the front with a weed leaf stuck to it and instead of cigarettes it was full of pre-rolled joints. I remember thinking if this takes off in the US, it will definitely happen in Australia too. It took a while but the train has left the station.
    There is no more reasoning to keep it from happening. Class 1 drugs have no medical benefits, economically it is a cash-cow and the actual benefits from medical marijuana seem too great to pass up on, at least give them the option...
  4. Sounds great, but you know it's not going to happen for another 5-10 years.
  5. More like 2-4.
  6. Lots more on this.
    I am from Victoria and hopefully Fiona Patten from The Sex Party will get a seat in the upper house. They want to introduce a private member bill for recreational cannabis use! Votes are still being counted technically and we wont know for a few more days.
  7. Who would've ever thought the States would lead the way in this? I would've guessed the Netherlands, Canada, Jamaica. Surprise!  :eek:
  8. i honestly hope medical weed comes to australia soon! 
  9. Me too mate.
  10. End of this year I reckon.
  11. ..the current situation in Australia is a joke. I had been growing MM for my wife and myself - we both would easily qualify for a MM card in the U.S. Then a neighbour, whom I trusted and have known for 35years got jealous and reported me to the police. More tragic was that the police themselves, who we treated with respect, told us if it were their choice they wouldn't even be here. Now my wife and I have a court case to attend and all the associated angst it brings. Worse is that due to both our medical conditions, we have been put back on high doses of pharmaceuticals which is ruining our health. We have no contacts in the pot scene and starting to grow again is not an option. If anyone can help us, we live in Melbourne. If I have breached forum rules, I don't mean to cause any harm but we need someone to help us.
    If there is anyone who can help us please leave a msg...
  12. You might have better luck growing in ACT
    "The Act also includes some additional changes to the Drugs of Dependence Act 1989 (DoDA). The Drugs of Dependence Act 1989 has been amended to reduce the number of cannabis plants which can be dealt with by way of a Simple Cannabis Offence Notice (SCON) from five to two, and exclude all hydroponically or artificially cultivated cannabis plants from the SCON scheme.
    The decision was made to exclude hydroponically grown cannabis plants from the SCON scheme as the trend towards hydroponic methods of cannabis cultivation indicates that the quantities of cannabis now able to be produced, and potentially the potency of that cannabis, are no longer in line with the original intentions of the scheme.
    The SCON scheme allows for a person to possess up to 50 grams of dried cannabis, or two cannabis plants (excluding all hydroponically or artificially cultivated cannabis plants) where it is deemed by police to be for personal use only, they can be issued a penalty order fine. If the fine is paid within 60 days, no criminal record will be recorded. However failure to pay the penalty order may result in criminal proceedings before the court. It must be remembered, that possession of any amount of cannabis in the ACT is NOT legal, it is only decriminalised.
    Police have discretion to issue a SCON or charge an offender with a criminal offence"
    However, if you're looking for an easy hook-up, Nimbin is the place to go. You get hippies asking you straight out in public if you wanna buy weed. The cops have basically just given up there lol. It's like Amsterdam for bogans.
    If that's too much of a trek, find some hipster-ish surfer types around St Kilda beach and just ask. I once had to stay in Melbourne for a couple of months and ran out of bud within the first week and this is how I scored.
  13. Appreciate what you've posted - however my wife is too ill to travel and I need more than the StKilda beach scenario would get me. Am after enough for a few months...
  14. You can't really ask for hookups on this site...
    It shouldn't be too hard to find someone. Just approach them and ask.
  15. What people have to realize is that all the leaders/prime ministers/presidents all take higher orders from the same group.
    They're playing an international game, And the public thinks its the one that we see on TV's fault. They are merely puppets to who is really making the decisions and giving the orders and causing the problems.
    Think about it they got rid of Kevin Rudd and put 2 new people to choose from which either way they both work for the same team.(if you wil) Thus getting the same result so whoever you vote for your voting for who they want you to vote for.
    This is why i don't vote and just draw a massive Penis on the vote paper.
    The queen and her minions need to be put down, The system is a fucking joke.
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    Don't want a hookup, we went to court, seems my wife and I are in a bit of trouble,..Police weigh pot wet, ours were outside and 8 plants were ~41kg on the botanists report. Magistrate didn't want to jail us, so adjourned to allow us to get proper legal advice...I can't believe I'm looking at jail because I have a past, nothing for nearly twenty years...I'm on mirtazapine now, tried to stop it, bigger mistake...please people be careful, I wasn't, took for granted my neighbours didn't I've fked up my wife's and own life...
  17. That really sucks mate, Our government is a joke.
    Make sure your lawyer argues the fact that police weigh the plant wet and with a lot of dirt hanging off the roots, Only a small percentage of that 41kg is able to be smoked or sold.
  18. Thanks and you are right about the Gov. As for the lawyer, we have gone private and she will definitely argue the point you make. We have a copy of the police brief, photographs in it clearly show it was 8 plants, massive stems and roots. Police also took pics of lights that were not in use and timers, plus air pumps that were never used for growing - when I did it indoors I used my own mix of soil, never hydro. Biggest irony, this was our last grow...I have even made a submission to the law reform commission for the current review of medical MJ, though I feel it may come across as self serving if read in court, it's on their website, or will be soon..
  19. They'll probably make it next to impossible to get your script, ban grows and make CBD only strains legal. If they are still having extreme negative views against recreational pot, i doubt they are gonna be very lenient on medical cannabis.
  20. If you go by what has happened in the U.S., your scenario could be right. However, if we follow the Canadian model, life would be so much better...the commission is aware people need MMJ now, so we may have a more compassionate model until they sort the minutiae out regarding the DPCSA..

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