Australia: Police wrongly swoop on 83-year-old's house

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  1. Australia: Police wrongly swoop on 83-year-old's house

    2006-06-08 Yahoo News via UKCIA
    An 83-year-old Victorian widow is recovering after she was caught in an
    undercover police drug raid.

    The Sunshine home of Dossie Allen was wrongly targeted in the operation.
    She has demanded an apology.

    Ms Allen, who has never been in trouble with the police, said she was
    frightened when six undercover officers banged on her door.

    The police served her with a search warrant, looking for drugs.

    "He had a clipboard and he said 'I've got a search warrant here'," Ms
    Allen said.

    "And I said 'I beg your pardon?'."

    "He said, 'There have been reports of a strong smell of marijuana coming
    from your house'."

    Four police searched the house while two others looked in the back yard.
    It was 45 minutes before they left the property empty handed.

    Dossie Allen is now searching for answers from Chief Commissioner
    Christine Nixon.

    "I want a face-to-face apology," Ms Allen told 7News.

    Police admit the raid on Dossie Allen's house was part of a large-scale
    swoop which netted them 109 cannabis plants at another address in the
    same suburb.
  2. Man, fucking neighbors.

    I would NEVER call the cops on anyone for smoking/growing/having the smell of pot... or doing ANY drugs for that matter. Even my enemies.
  3. I'd be wanting more than just a face-to-face apology...
  4. id be suiing.
  5. i would be in every news station, accusing them of being lil bitches. i would sue them, give em hell!
  6. I bet the old lady really did have mad chron up in thurr.

    But yea if that was me, i would be going ape-shit.
  7. Lol... 83 years old? I'm surprised she didn't have a heart attack.

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