australia outdoor growers? post pics of your plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jimoffy, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. heres mine. planted in september. 1456180297264.jpg 1456180327508.jpg 1456180378789.jpg 1456180398110.jpg

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  2. Hey mate, any strains? Or bag seed? Looking good.

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  3. bag seed lol

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  4. That's pretty big for Sep! What are you feeding those girls they look good!?

    I got my first grow going, then I busted my light [​IMG]. So they live outdoors for now.
    Hopefully I can get a good light soon, will have to start with new plants though.

    Any tips for good growth products you recommend?
  5. ive just been using seasol and blood n bone throigh veg and just swapped to miracle grow for flowering.. but might change the miracle grow.. seems to be burning my plants.. using seasol still once a week thoigh

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  6. Getting well into flower.. What IPM are you using ?? (invasive pest management) Caterpillars AKA budworms ?? Most of the world has moths and the larva love cannabis and will fuck your grow odds are.. If you have got moths swarming your porch lights at night you got trouble..
    [*][​IMG]\t\t\t[*][​IMG]\t\t\t[*][​IMG]\t\t\t[*][​IMG]\t\t\t[*][​IMG]\tSome of the various brands of BT sold you can use.. It's all the same basic stuff.. BT-K (dipel) usually sold for tomato hornworms so ask for that.. It's a biological with a very short life and is best applied at dusk as sunlight breaks it down.. I apply it weekly without fail..
    Alfalfa pellets from the feed and tack (horse chow) is cheap and works well $15.00 for 50 pound sack
    Chicken manure is another good one just go easy with it as it's strong.. Best mixed a month before you need the soil..
    Miracle Grow is really not something many of us use.. Kelp powder is one of the best.. Mix it in the soil.. Top dress and water in.. EWC is another great one (earth worm castings) find them, buy them, create a worm farm as they are never cheap..


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