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Austin Texas

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by coolalright, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Has anyone ever been to "Gas Pipe" ?
    It seems cool, but they seem extremely strict from what i've heard.
    I heard Planet K has really shitty glass.
  2. anyone from austin? :(
  3. If your gonna buy glass, always go to the Gaspipe, excellent selection and are usually much cheaper then Planet K (unless their having a sale). As far as them being strict, long as your aren't spouting off bong and weed your fine. But I like the atmosphere and employees at Planet K much more then the Gaspipe though (and theres 7 Planet K's in Austin).

    Nice to find another Texan
  4. Is gaspipe the shop thats real close to 35? If it is then I thought that store was pretty expensive..or maybe my pockets are just that tight..which they are.
  5. Yeah theres one on 35, and the high end glass is usually 10-20% cheaper than Planet K's, although don't get me wrong you can get a deal there sometimes.
  6. yeah, It's pretty not cool, Im going to Austin thursday (Im from a suburb of houston) with my family for collage shit and we where going to staying at the Hilton which is literally across the street from Gas Pipe and I was planning walking there one night after my parents go to sleep since its open late. Well my mom found out there is that biker rally going on starting the day we get there!!! So she canceled our reservation and now were staying some hotel next to the arboretum. Im so pissed about it because where i live the closest head shop is seriously an hour away. Now I can't go to any headshops :(
  7. never been to gass pipe looks to shaddy but i like to go to planet k on stassney and south 1st very nice people there is also bc smoke shop on Guadeloupe there nice good glass and also pipes plus on Guadeloupe lots of glass kinda expensive people kinda rude then there is somco on congress were all the local artist sell there glass there are some bad ass pieces there i would recomend somco for bongs and bubblers they are insane there

  8. From the arboretum Gas Pipe on Burnet is 2.7 miles away and PlanetK on 183/Duval is 2 miles away. There is a line of cabs outside the bigger hotels there so hit one up for a ride.

  9. awhh I never thought about that ha. thanks alot dude, Ill probably do this.
  10. i got my bubbler from the gas pipe on burnet rd.
    they had a really good selection when i went, just be smart about what words your using.
  11. cool, I really think gas pipe seems good.
    but what is somco? Is it a place where you sell your art or...
  12. #12 ModderXtr, Jun 9, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 9, 2009
    Austin motha fuckin Texas, finally!

    Fuck Planet K. If you're at the arboretum, thats only two exits north of burnet, which is where the gas pipe is.

    If you have a ride a little further south go to BC smokeshop or Oat Willies, both of which are on Guadalupe.
  13. I'm a big fan of BC which is right off of guadelupe.

    Really friendly staff and a wide selection. I've gotten everything I own from there.

  14. shveet. im getting a cab lol, but what is somco?
  15. By "somco" do you mean "soco"?

    If so, SOCO = South Congress
    It's a pretty long street that has a shit load of little boutiques and stores. Pretty tight.

  16. Sweeet! I love shit like that haha, someone up there ^^^ said they have artist selling their own glass
  17. Hey, like a couple others have said BC is pretty awesome. It's off Guadalupe and 20th, and Oat Willies is pretty cool too. It's also off Guad. Good luck.
  18. Yeah, I went back and read where the dude said somco. I think he's talking about soco. Either way, I suggest going to SOCO because it's a really cool part of Austin.
  19. well im up austin now staying in the arboretum, tomorrow ill be alone from 9 am till like 12. what is the closest head shop?
  20. The gas pipe has alot of nice pieces. But Bc smoke shop downtown is The best place. The best glass and coolest atmosphere. And not strict

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