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Austin, Texas

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by coolalright, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. #1 coolalright, Mar 6, 2009
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    Im going to Austin Texas this weekend with my family, i have 2.5 of some mids, but its always nice to explore the wonderful world or marijuana, and what its like in other places.

    Im going to be at the UT campus, so like on the drag and stuff,
    does anyone know how difficult it should be to score some bud?
    Does Austin have some nice dank? and how much should i expect the price to be there?

    (oh one last question) i know theres a hookah bar, just like any other collage campus, but are there alot of headshops in the campus?
  2. Austin= Mecca of Good weed, good people, and good prices. YOu're in for a good time.

  3. thanks bro, im excited :D
    should it be easy to find someone?
  4. ANYONE ELSE :wave:
  5. i live in austin dude. best place in the world.
    here a g is usually $20 for some good dank.
  6. If you know people, dank is easy as hell to find. Like the previous poster said, 20/g is normal.

    It's pretty easy to score schwag on the drag asking the 'homeless' people there.
  7. haha the homeless are funny as hell in austin. oh and the only headshop i go to is planet k. I cant remember where it is downtown but you can prolly find another good headshop somewhere on 6th street
    good luck

  8. Hahah, thanks dude, i have been there a couple of times, but its been like 2 years and i started smoking a little after, so this is the first time to be there as a stoner, its gonna be great.:D
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    I pay 20/g for dank in austin and I thought I needed a cheaper dealer.

    We've got some unique strains here (High Times did a mention of them), and 3/4 people smoke, especially near campus. It's gonna be real easy to score some.

    If you're looking for a headshop, I recommend BC smoke shop
  10. Its like that everywhere else.
  11. nah i heard of both cheaper and more expensive in other places. but yeah alot of places it is 20/g.

    Yeah dude theyre some good strains goin around. i just got 3gs of some white widow and im still tryin to get a picture up. one hit had me rollin... haha. so who knows maybe youll get lucky:smoke:

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