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  1. So I just took a new job in Round Rock, Texas and I am looking to meet new people. I am living with my wife however we do not know anyone. Her parents live her so we have visited quite a few times and have tried a few bars and restaurants. We are mainly just looking for some cool people to hang out with and looking for some good places to hang out at. We love the city so far and the people here. So who all is from the Austin area maybe we can grab a drink this weekend or hang out at some point.

  2. Idk man but austins the shit im gonna spend lots of time there when im traveling the country.
  3. Yea so far place is cool. I just don't know anyone and would really like to meet some people. Just to go drink with and such. Where are you from?
  4. Im from fort worth but i live in the small country town of clayton New mexico.Just go to a bar or someplace where theres alot of cool down to earth people who share your interests and ask em if they wanna chill sometime.It shouldnt be hard because i think people in austin are generally pretty cool and friendly.
  5. That's what I hear. That's cool ft worth is about 3 hours from where we live. New Mexico sounds cool. How you like that?
  6. I like new mexico but honestly this town of a few thousand people is kind of shitty theres alot of tweakers and idoit gossiping type people but this is where my familys roots are like my grandparents and cousins on both sides live here so thats cool at least we have fun together.But im gonna get the fuck out once i graduate maybe to Denver its about 4hours away.And someday ustin cause i gotta get back to Texas i love it.
  7. That's cool. Yea we moved here to be near my wifes family.
  8. Cool well have fun in ATX cause its a real party city.
  9. Thanks man. I am hoping it will be good.
  10. Austin is one of the largest hipster cities in the US
  11. I live in Fort Worth, Austin is such a treat to get away from all the rednecks. :)
  12. Yea I moved here from Georgia so it is a nice change.
  13. Welcome to Austin buddy. Plenty of dank. Not a lot of good restaurants up here in North Austin (round-rock) but there's a few points of interest. Check out Round-Rock donuts for a giant delicious creation. J&Js BBQ over in leander/cedar park have some great breakfast burritos and you could give Pizza Rialto outside Blockhouse Creek a try. They got a great pizza :).. Probably a little off topic but you shouldn't have a problem meeting a few cool people in the area. The neighborhoods up north can be a little ghetto but don't be hatin'.
  14. Yea I actually work in round rock living in pflugerville for the time being. Round rock doughnuts is amazing and I have been to a few places so far. I love pluckers that was a cool place thanks for the tips :)
  15. Check out Bastrop! Cool little town. And there's some awesome vintage clothing stores on south congress.
  16. ^and my point proven

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