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Austin Dank Babyyy :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by captsmokeyTX, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Picked up a couple o's of this thought i would share it with yall :hello:

    Attached Files:

  2. They look pretty tasty.
  3. I agree with oldskoolgrower. Where's the other couple of o's. I believe you it's just that I jizz on myself when I see a whole bunch of weed.
  4. Sorry bro just took a couple nice buds out, next pick up tho ill photo the whole thing.
  5. that is dank... very very nice, how much a zip?
  6. So do you get your kill from ATX? ALOT of my friends in SA drive into town to stay for a night and won't leave without an ounce or two, haha. Oddly enough, some of the best bud that comes through Austin, comes from some big ops in San Antonio.
  7. yeah, austin represents with buds
  8. Its a little under 400 a zip usually. But yeah i live a little outside SA an make the drive up there every week or so. But yeah austin has some of the best shit ive seen:D
  9. ATX always got some crazy dank. enjoy
  10. capt that looks like some tasty bud. you should have driven down a little further and really shared it like you said you wanted lol

    and i also think its funny that you live in SA but go to ATX to get it cause my guy drives to SA to get his supply
  11. Ok so i know from experence that this shit was crazy when it rolled threw town. Mad respect to my boy! :smoking:
  12. dank it is. nice pick up. taste good?
  13. Austin is pretty much all homegrown and awesome - im gonna miss it greatly.

    Those big nugs look like the ones i picked up in the ATX, super bowl weekend. Mine was called White Flow
  14. That looks like it should be put in a shadow box and then put on your desk to look at all day. Enjoy.:D
  15. Really? I always thought the opposite. I'm heading out to ATX for Texas Relays and plan on returning with a zip at least. That looks like some mighty tasty bud.
  16. wow,
    they look very tasty! :bongin:
  17. Thanks a lot for the comments guys. I havent got any worth taking pics of but i am picking up today so hopefully i can update this.

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