Austin city smokers! i need your help!

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  1. OK. so i don't have a credit account set up and am too lazy to even think of it, or else i would buy from here. I wanna know if the headshop GAS PIPES is ledgit... i wanna buy a roor glass on glass about 1ft. tall and have a couple basic questions.
    • 1. How is their murchandise? (durable?)
    • 2. I heard they have a huge selection, is this true?
    • 3. The return policy how is it?
    • 4. how much do you think they'll price a nice lil' roor 1ft. glass on glass?
    P.s I just broke my baby September 1st. S.I.P. Pearl.
    Honestly and Truthfully

  2. they have a great selection of roor, a little pricey but its good stuff. just look everything over really well before hand
    i like dealing with the gas pipe off burnet road better too, if that matters at all
  3. I would check out out willies on 29th or pipes plus on guadalupe before gas pipe, but both of those didnt have any roors last time i was in there. i dont think the gas pipe will do any returns on glass, and they seem a little high, but if they have what you want go for it.
  4. Bump* i need help!!!
  5. Gas Pipe is the only place I've seen RooRs, I've actually bought two of them from those guys. They are pretty chill, but there are better shops in my opinion than that. Some are Oat Willies, Pipes Plus, Glassy Knoll, BC Smoke Shop. I dunno dude, you should check them all out! Its great
  6. i would go to pipes plus or planet k
    or better yet just wait for marley fest and get a sick bong for cheap
  7. gas pipe is AWESOME......
  8. hit up BC! They got so many blue dots..
    Gas pipe is nice too!
  9. you could also check out revn evolution at 100 w. north loop
    they have a lot of nice heady glass, some nice thick tubes that were very affordable

  10. I think you meant "oat willies". But yea, gas pipe is badass, but i would check out the glassy knoll. They have hand blown pipes that they make in the store. it's fucking bomb...
  11. Gas pipe and BC are both legit
  12. If you want a roor, then go to the gas pipe b/c they have the most selection that ive seen in austin when it comes to roors. also if you want glass on glass and price is a concern then checkout a greenstar its made by roor and its cheeper i got a 2' green star for 120 and its glass on glass.
  13. BC has a great selection of blue dots
  14. hell yeah dude BC smoke shop definatly has the best choices when it comes to heady glass they have some crazy stuff
  15. ill go ahead and say bc smoke shop is my favorite shop in austin also
  16. BC is the only shop I go to for a reason
  17. Anyone here reppin' 78731?

    59 bitches hit me up also

  18. please dont refer him to the walmart of headshops... nothing but chinese trash glass in there

    bc smokeshop and revn evolution have the best glass in austin!! SUPPORT LOCAL GLASS BLOWERS
  19. gas pipe would be your best bet, followed by pipes plus, oat willies, and planet k. I've been real interested in the MediCalis that everyone has been stocking up on. Pretty much an imitation roor for 100 bucks cheaper. maybe my green label will get a playmate some day :cool:
  20. The gas pipe is pretty new.
    I remember seeing their debut opening.
    Pretty nice selection.

    Deffinately worth checking out, if you cant find any thing there, i would head to BC Smokeshop.

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