Austin City Limits 2010

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  1. This year's ACL has a pretty slick line-up on all stages, which is why I couldn't refuse grabbing a pair of tickets. This will be my second ACL, and I'm pumped that I get to finish off this year's festival by watching the Flaming Lips:D

    Any other blades out here going to be hitting up Austin in two weeks?

    If you're going, who do you want to see? Any advice/anecdotes about ACL that you'd like to share? Favorite festival friendly cheeba concoctions? Post it here, and let's talk about one of the best things to come out of the state of Texas!

    For more info, or to double-check your picks: Austin City Limits Music Festival

    My personal "Gotta-go-see-them-can't-miss-them-or-I'll-die" list:
    * The Mountain Goats
    * The Black Keys
    * The Sword
    * Slightly Stoopid
    * Phish
    * Broken Bells
    * Gogol Bordello
    * M.I.A.
    * White Rabbits
    * Devendra Banhart & The Grogs
    * Cage the Elephant
    * The Flaming Lips

  2. slightly stoopid always puts on a great show. i wont be going this year though. last year was epic. i snuck in all three days and tripped shrooms
  3. damn...I really like that lineup and agree with most of your must sees...I would add Robert Randolph and Grace Potter the list though, both put on really good shows

  4. I've heard nothing but good things about Slightly Stoopid's live shows, so I'm definitely pumped for that. That sucks you won't be there this year, but from what I heard about last year's ACL, I'm jealous. I missed many a good band because of the Dave Matthews Band's fucking fan base:mad:

    I just tossed up a quick list my girlfriend and I made. We're only trying to see a few bands up close and personal, and the rest we'll just wander around and catch them from afar. I was definitely going to try to make Robert Randolph a must-see, and I guess it couldn't hurt to check out Grace Potter either:D Much thanks, bro.
  5. I'm going. I like most of those bands but you left out dead mau5

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