Austin and Dallas Marijuana marches: If you didn't know now you know

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  1. For more info on the Dallas March
    Dallas / Ft. Worth NORML | Working to Reform Marijuana Law

    For Austin
    Texas Marijuana March & Rally at the State Capitol at Texas State Capitol, Austin on Do512

    Texans show your support anyway you can man, I'm going to be at the one in Austin, I know Dallas could use all the people they can get tho, if you want to call representatives to show support go to this link that can be found right here on the forums lol, spread the word and herb man

    and to the people not from Texas in the forums, sorry. I'm from Texas thats why I post what I can about TX lol
  2. I was at the dallas rally.
  3. Nice, how was the show up there, were there a lot of people, there were a couple hundred in Austin. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people there, it wasen't like a full blown revolution type, but there were a couple hundred people there
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    I didnt get to stay very long. I had to leave to go to work. I did get cards for the local chapter and met the statewide norml president. Hopefully I can get my radio show started and interview these guys. When I left there were maybe 30 people, but that was the very beginning of it.
  5. maybe Norml might think about upping their advertisment budget? they make enough in donations to put forth a better effort. they seem to only be interested in getting involved or making a comment on celebrity pot issues. There are better things to do with my money than invest in some lazy college stoners who are "half-active" in norml for 4 years. flame me all you like, but norml does not do dick when it comes to actually getting behind marches and promoting them. Radio/t.v./posters/billboards and so many more options are out there, yet you only catch a glimpse of them when there is a chance to look like a knowitall twit on a fox or major network debate, or a famous court case or a documentary where they might get credit. There is far more to do than they do. Sorry, but they're not very good at getting things noticed on a local/state leval
  6. ^^^^
    I agree.
  7. Perhaps there are more pushing efforts at the moment that require the money that they have to "throw around". I'm not going to criticize the way NORML spends their money because they do get stuff done.
  8. Idk, I'm sure Nationally Norml has a good amount of money, but statewide I was told by the TX Norml dude that they only had a 1000$ budget for the Austin protest, and nationally there not going to concentrate on TX mainly b/c there more likely to get more accomplished in other states like California or Conneticut or something, I mean shit our neighbor up north just made it possible to get a life sentence for making hash, its hard getting marijuana laws pushed in the South so they concentrate on more pot friendly places where decriminalization or medical marijuana would be more likely too be accepted. and I'm sure norml is preparing for a big 2012 campaign, so this year may of not been a huge budget year for em,

    If we want more advertising in TX we simply as members of the stoner community have to be willing to give more money, I'm a hypocrit, I didn't donate to Norml or join it but thats exacly my point know what I mean?

  9. I agree with you and im a hypocrit too. Maybe we should start a campaign. If we just donated a dime sack worth of money, 10 bux per paycheck, that would be between $260-$520 a year. One person then just about matches half the single event budget for Austin NORML. Imagine how that could help out at the end of the year if most or half of us got active in this cause.

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