Aussies ripping cones too hard

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  1. So I see people pull their cones so hard and fast just to rip the biggest cone they can,
    but half of the shit they pull through is still red and burning, such a waste.
    I can barely stand watching it.
    Why don't people rip it slow wait till its actually all burnt. :bongin:

  2. If they take snaps and have more bud then they know what to do with they don't care about the .05 half burnt bud that gets pulled threw

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  3. I alway slow milk my bong hate when my freinds pull it through
  4. Iys just how some people smoke m8 🍁
  5. But I no wat u mean most of my mates just suck it Dry before the smoke even hits the chamber
  6. This is why i hate little bowls. When smoking with friends we just pack a huge bowl and pass it. No problems.
    When i smoke alone i smoke poppers, but only pull it through when its all ash and the cherry is out. 
    I usually don't even have to clear it, it just clears on it's own since i pack so little. But we mostly dab here now anyway. Besides one bowl to christen a piece i haven't smoked herb in 4 months.
    I  do not miss it.
  7. Yeah I can't help doing it sometimes it all just pulls through but it must be mostly burnt. But yeah seeing weed in the billy water too is sad. 
    But nah it doesn't worry me too much.
  8. I use metal screens, makes it easier to corner and most of all I don't get tons of garbage in the water chamber. Not a big deal for me but if you've got a really ornate rig getting loose material, especially large chunks of solid weed they can lodge in the nooks and crannies and worst case scenario grow moldy.

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