Aussie seedbanks?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by gtsouf, May 11, 2020.

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  1. have you tried Googling aussie seed banks ,there are a few if you look ,,,,try the Aussie site Oz Stoners forum ,,,itsa good site for auzzie growers ,,the guys there will know the best seed banks if any in Oz and other seed banks that will post to Oz with stealth delivery ...mac,
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  2. I have tried but I dont know which I should trust, i been getting off seedsman but I need some asap and international shipping may take a lot longer than it used to atm I reckon with all that covid-19 going on. I'll check the forum out tho! Thanks for the reply

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  3. ILGM ships to Australia and seem to have a lot of customers there.

    Their seeds are good, but overpriced. Look for a sale or leave something in your basket and at times they might give you a discount.

    I would avoid their powdered nutrients if you have others options.

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  4. ILGM isn't currently taking orders for A/NZ

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  5. Hey gtsouf,
    I had good results with Dink's Seeds...regular seeds, Lemon, Sour, customs and great strike rate.
    Good luck...
    (Southern Tassie)

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