Aussie Rules (AFL) Grand Final

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by KingdomGone, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Did anybody else just watch this match? Fantastic match (Go Saints!), but I do have a question for the Australian blades here, what's up with the ruling today? I'm still relatively new to the sport (watching for 3 years now), and I was completely taken aback by this.

    Feel free to discuss the match here as well (though I'd rather pretend that the first half didn't happen:rolleyes:).
  2. ohhhh wow, wat a game that was last week. amazing to watch and neither team really deserved to lose. as much as i hate hate hate hate hate collingwood with a passion. im a carlton supporter :D

    well, todays rules are if its a draw again, there are two extra 5 minute halfs. the winner will be decided then :p CARN THE SAINTERSS!!!
  3. I really wish St. Kilda would figure out how to play in the start of the match. That would make watching it a lot less stressful for us supporters. And I'd have to agree about neither team deserved to lose, as much as I hate Collingwood. Though I'm undecided whether I hate Geelong or Collingwood more.

    Did you watch the match last year? I'm still bitter about some of the calls (or lack thereof)

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