Aurora's Incredible Photoperiod 600W HPS Grow! (PINEAPPLE CHUNK Barney's Farm)

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  1. Gunna have a research on trimming and see if there's things I can do to improve yield. I've only just taken the LST off then so now they can spread out more they are all even! I'll update tonight on trimming.
  2. The small buds me and my partner took off are amazing... (Red Dragon) Its an energetic sativa rush, which fades after around 2 hours to a nice body high so far and it's not even finished... she should have 22% THC at the end... I reccomend her!
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  3. Hey, i had a look into the tent tonight and thought about doing some trimming and started.... Well i ended up taking quite abit off, but i think i did a good job and i hope she likes it too.

    I did this on Pineapple Chunk, ( My biggest canopy ) out the 4. I will do it to the rest when i look later and if they need it or not. Surly wont be as much as this lady lol

    Before -


    After -

    IMG_3273.JPG IMG_3274.JPG IMG_3278.JPG IMG_3275.JPG

    What do you think?
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  4. So you just took off the big fan leaves?
  5. I took of some fan leaves that was either hidden, covering up other bud sites or making some bud sites stuck etc. Just did some light trimming and moved things around to get all her tops showing :)
    I'll take a photo tonight to see how she coped
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  6. You did a great job. Now do the same thing to the rest of your plant. My pineapple chunk needs defoliation every week and I'm on week 5 of flower.
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  7. Thankyou very much! I'm near enough at week 5 of flower aswell :) I"ll definitely be checking out your grow journal soon! Will do the other girls tonight then :)
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  8. it looks good. I personally do some trimming only in veg where I'll trim off the lower bud sites and branches I don't want. otherwise I just let her go. There are two sides to that argument (defoliation) and I'm somewhere in the middle...kind of. haha. Personally, I just let them do what they will do and bend or tuck the leaves I want to move, for the most part.
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  9. I agree, i didn't do that much to be honest. It looks more drastic than it was... Probably around 15 or so leafs in total!
    Imma let her have 24 hours with it and see what happens and see if i want to do it to the rest.

    For what i have noticed since though is that she loved it, especially for me as i am aiming for pure yeild. But time will tell mate :)
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  10. I defoliate pretty hard. Any leaves blocking light penetration are removed. Which is most fan leaves. The results speak for themselves.

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    and herein lies the challenge and the heart of the debate. Because I only trim a tiny bit during veg, including some of the lower nodes, and my last girl looked pretty fuckin good too. I had 5 colas like that on this one plant. So, hence the eternal discussion as to what works better. I'm growing the same plant as she is, pineapple chunk, so I am definitely interested in what happens with her yeild.
    Edit: And BTW I only have a 4 bulb t5 fixture and a COB LED light. No HPS/MH here......yet...
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  12. She looks amazing! Yeah theres alot of do and donts with growing lol
    We'll just have to watch together :p
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  13. Took some photos while the ladies were sun baving! (Sounds so wrong)
    They are getting denser everyday, packing on trichs and colour now. Blueberry seems to be going a nice blueish hue to the sugar leafs when they start curling. Or im just hoping she is lol.
    Took some close ups of Blueberry too!
    The red dragon i have been picking at and no longer consider it journal worthy, sorry to those wanting to see that finish... but these other three girls will go untouched until finish!
    Hope you enjoy.

    Pineapple Chunk -


    Sour diesel -


    Blueberry -

    IMG_3282.JPG IMG_3286.JPG IMG_3287.JPG IMG_3288.JPG IMG_3289.JPG
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  14. so...which one smells the best? I'm working on very distant memory of that sour diesel but from what I remember it was very, very distict. How about the pineapple chunk? Mine just started showing flowers here the other day so she doesn't smell too crazy yet?
    and I had gotten some blueberry from the local dispensary and it was awesome as well. I'm so jealous of that lineup haha.
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  15. Sour diesel smells very pungent, a sour lemon and a foodish smell to it.

    Pineapple chunk smells like really ripe pineapples, like if you were to cut a fresh piece straight from the middle. Really sweet.

    Blueberry I'll have to smell more tonight, haven't smelled that one as closely yet for some reason. Just been smelling the PC lol

    I'll do a little smell update later on when I check them out :) I also defoliated a little on the blueberry and sour diesel, not as major as the PC though.

    I'm excited to watch your grow and see your PC.
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  16. yeah I have about an hour till lights go on and I will be spending some major time in the garden today. I can't really get in when my kid is around during the day so I've had to sneak in there at night. He's with his mom all week so I can finally get in there.
    And my purple kush is getting really close to being chopped as well..such a unique smell to that one for sure.
    I think I started the plants too close together in my veg tent. I have kind of a backup right now with 6 plants...3 of which are ready to flip including another clone of jungle kush.
    Have you done any cloning at all? Its honestly really, really easy.
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  17. I would like to try what age is the earliest to start taking cuttings?!?
  18. I usually use the tops when I cut em off. Basically throughout veg you can clip and clone. Biggest things with cloning are 18/6 light and high humidity. You get those things and you will be fine.
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  19. Mirror, Mirror on the wall... Whos the sweetest smelling of them all?
    Blueberry! She smells so nice, like walking through a 1p sweet shop lol
  20. This is were the journal starts getting fun... Watching them swell! Really looking forward to the coming weeks!
    I took some bud shots of Blueberry and Sour Diesel for you tonight. Hope you enjoy them as much as me ;)

    Blueberry -

    IMG_3295.JPG IMG_3296.JPG IMG_3297.JPG IMG_3298.JPG IMG_3299.JPG

    And... Sour Diesel. (The girl who took two main stem cracks in early flower i think!)
    IMG_3300.JPG IMG_3301.JPG IMG_3302.JPG IMG_3303.JPG IMG_3304.JPG IMG_3305.JPG

    They were taken with my MRS phone through lumi glasses while the HPS was on. What you think so far?
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