Aurora Indica?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I was planning on buying some Nirvana - Aurora Indica pretty soon but I just wanted to know if anyone has grown it and what your thoughts were?

    Also, can anyone give me a yield estimate(lets assume no stress) for 6 plants using aeroponics? Here are my grow specs:
    - 3' x 3' closet
    - 400w - HPS/MH conversion
    - ~200w of mixed spectrum cfl side lighting (100w front 100w back)
    - Botanicare nutrients
    I plan on vegging for about 1 month, until the plants are about 1' tall and running the lights 18/6 then 12/12.

    Finally, would you suggest topping this plant or letting it grow out one main cola? And has anyone used Botanicare Hydroplex? How were your results?
  2. If you use botanicare, get silica blast and use it every nuting. It counteracts their crazy acid nutrients so you don't get a massive PH problem. Added bonus is that you get way thicker stalks that won't droop under any amount of bud. The difference is insane.

    Your first few grows are going to be limited by your ability, nutrient cycling, pH control, etc. You will probably get 1-3oz per plant your first go. That is, assuming you can grow them to finish without killing them.
  3. This will be my 2nd grow, but my first aero grow, so I'm hoping that I have some of the basics down. Would you suggest other nutrients for my first aero grow? The only reason why I was going with Botanicare was because I already have their veg nutes, but I'd be willing to shell out a bit of extra cash for a better nute solution.

  4. have you ever tried silica from dutch master to do this? just a bottle laying around..

  5. ya there are a bunch of better brand's...i try all of them in test trial's at the moment..
    humbolt nutes are f'n climb, slime etc..and
    dnf dutch is good stuff...really balanced nutes that and H&G, i've run both those brand's with rock solid ph and little hassle..
    my suggestion though, for your money, about 40$ shipped will get you technaflora's recepie for succes is a complete setup and awesome for the price..even encludes root 66 and cloning gel from rootech..
    prob my best rec for your second run..very easy to use and has everything..;)
  6. I grew it and made seeds. I have yet to grow any of those seeds. I remember that the THC was scarce, but that may have been because I was breeding the plants.
  7. I guess I'll go with technaflora then. And has anyone else noticed low trich levels with this strain? I'd rather grow a nice chrystally strain.
  8. i would go with something other than a nirvana selection...great name, but only decent genetic's compaired to what you can get somewere else for the same price...
    female seeds
    have awesome fem's for like 30$ a whole pack...there stuff just by genetic's would be a better choice imho..
    mandala has cheap seed's and grow some of the very best india landrace hybrid's there are...try hashberry for crystal production, sky high thc and flavor to wrap your head around..
  9. Of the mandala plants, which would you suggest? I have been looking at hashberry and sadhu, which of those 2 would you choose?

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