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  1. Anyone used this strain? Whats it like, and how is it compared to other similar indica strains?
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  3. hey, i am also definatly interested in this strain. I was trying to decide between this and northern lights. I decided this because of increased yield and higher thc percentages but still am deciding where to get it. Im thinking nirvana seeds. Ill be checking up on this post to see if anyone has posted. I also think im going to post a thread like this on indoor growing if noone responds.
  4. Was wondering too..
  5. I'am growing Aurora at the moment. First time seed order(always bagseed). I have to say it was the easiest and fastest thing i have ordered on net. That said these seeds i would not use if i saw them in a bag,pale light color,no stripes. germmed 10,7 popped and i ended up with one nice hopefully mom,had a couple grow like bean stalks, first set of leaves and it was 6" tall(fell to death). Was not impressed by the %,but i think i baby them to much. The only fem i got out of the batch i love it seems to be what they descripted. She short stocky and a blast to watch grow. Have not man handled her yet,next time but it looks by the size of the stock,the cola must mean buisness. All in all if i get 3 days of smoke i'am happy for what i paid. I just want MOM. Here are a few pics

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  6. I have been working with it. I will let you know. definitely not pulling 3.5 oz per plant though. Was that wet or dry weight?
  7. I really enjoyed Aurora Indica, it was super easy to grow and clone. The three main traits I was immediately hooked on were the smell, the taste and most importantly the high. The taste ranged from a lightly sweet smoke to a more earthy almost hashy taste. I'll go so far as to say the taste was complex, unexpected. The keys to bringing out the true flavor of this plant is by using organics, followed by proper flushing, and curing. The smell was thick and pungent, odor control is very essential because this shit will stink up your house in a heartbeat. The high was strong and long lasting. This is not a daytime smoke by any stretch of the imagination. It's going to hit you hard like a typical indica would with one exception; it'll hit a lot harder. Everyone that tried it was hooked immediately.

    For the money it's some of the best smoke you can buy.

    Stay green.
  8. listen to AK... organics = flavor

    if you're looking for nirvana beans, they use other strains to breed so many, if not all, of the strains they sell aren't pure. the one indica dominant they sell i've heard the best buzz from is white rhino which can be a bit harsh, but is extremely potent.

    you can read reviews for all of the nirvana (or any other seedbank) strains here
    a search engine i created for finding specific strains here is at

    another newer site with even more detailed reporting is here

    this site has a fair collection of alphabetical strain reports

    and another nice resource is this one which is ALSO by seedbank. maybe i'll add it's contents to the overgrow search engine some day

    here's a nice site if you're more interested in pretty pictures than impartial strain reporting

    and many other forums have modest sized to HUGE strain reports sections that are unorganized random topics
  9. Wow, great resources.
  10. always glad to help;)
  11. That was the weight after drying and curing, it was like 144 grams.
    it was rediculous.

    I remember the wet weight was something around 203 grams.
    which is a little over 7oz
    the biggest cola i had was around 58 grams.
  12. how many plants under that 250w?

    if you're getting that kinda yield then damn, I am getting this strain for sure.

    I plan on doing a 2-4 plant grow in a custom built growbox with CFL's, but with your yields under that 250w, I may just have to add one myself for flowering.
  13. well it was good ratio,
    there was usually only one flowering at a time, so it got all the light.
    and i vegged under weak fluros for 5 weeks.
    maybe like a total of around 3000 lumens, i was a noob at the time with really good harvest luck, or reading might have helped haha.
    so if yu had more light during veg i bet it could definately up the yield.
    when my first hefty yielder was done i put in 3 and those only yielded 3- 3.5zs perplant, but those i only topped once and didnt take any clones.
    i guess aurora indica is just one of those plants that has a increased yield with topping.
    good luck with your grow!;)
  14. This will be my first indoor grow attempt coming up, I may however use bagseed from some mids before aurora indica.

    Did you start the seeds on different dates to put them into flowering one by one?

    I don't wanna hassle with a bunch of questions now but err, expect some PM's in the future when I get my aurora's.
  15. oh its ok
    im glad to help
    Since i was a noob i didnt wanna waste them all on my first try
    at the beginning i started 2, one was male
    the other was the 5.5z yeilder
    and after that i started 2 at a time
    I usually waited until about 4 weeks into flowering until i started more so when harvest would come around i could just throw the others in for flowering.
    it was usually one male one female
    but 2 times they both were female.
    bagseed is good for beginnning
    but just know
    if it has some sativa traits....
    be ready for a tall plant.
    its good to know your strain just so yu know how long yu need to flower.
    whether its indica/sativa
    but good luck
    any questions let me know.;)
  16. Hmm, I may have to add a 250w HPS for flowering then, and some 42w CFL's for side lighting to help up the yield a bit.

    I think I'll keep it simple and start two at a time.
  17. sounds sweet
    are you growing in soil/hydro?
    i never tried using cfl's on the side but i bet that would definately help.
  18. Soil - most likely fox farms since it's available at the local shop. I may use a custom spoil blend with no ferts for vegging though. To be honest I still don't know too much about ferts and feeding.

    I'm not sure how my grow cab is going to be designed for sure, still have alot of options to determine.

    Did you use your HPS for vegging? I don't really wanna have to shell out more $$ for a MH bulb and balast.
  19. foxfarm is bomb
    especially the oceanforest blend
    but it has a lot of organic nutrients
    so if your gonna use that, dont fertilize to much during veg or they will burn.
    No I didn't use an Hps during veg; I used those CFL bulbs yu can get at walmart.
    they put out as much light as a 150w fluro but only take up 42watts.
    those are really good for vegging because they have the same spectrum as the mh but are much cheaper, so i would say thats your best bet for veg lights. I dont know why but HPS lights just dont cut it alone in veg, probably cuz the spectrum promotes flowering and fruiting more then vegative growth.
    I would have to say 3 of those CFL's will put out around 8,100 lumens and will cost around 30-40$$ for the bulbs and sockets.
    each 42watt bulb puts out 2,700 lumens:smoke:

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