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    Apologies if a similar question has been answered already.

    Just looking for a few recommendations on pot size for an indoor AI (nirvana) grow. This will be my first non bag-seed grow and I'd like to give the roots plenty of room in case my thumb turns super green. :D

    The strain... if you're not familiar:

    Nirvana Aurora Indica feminized (5 seeds)

    What I have already:

    Shop 14"H x 18"W x 18"D Resin Pot at

    Edit: Just realized I have the smaller size:

    Hoping these pots are plenty but I really don't want to run out of room. Should I spring for the bigger size? I really appreciate any help. Gracias.:smoke:
  2. Well for the most part, the bigger the pot, the bigger the pot, LOL. But I think those 14" tubs (probably 7 gallons, right?) should be plenty for an indoor grow. I mean shit, one of my plants is in a measly old 3 gallon round pot, and its 4 feet tall and still vegging! You'll be fine.
  3. Tyvm man. I'm sorry for not thanking sooner. After I asked, I realized how easy it was to find that info. I almost always search first when I have a noob question. The one I have with the bagseed (which was the first link) is actually 3 gal and you're definitely right about the potential in even a 3 gal. Plus I realized how much smaller that Indica would be than my bagseed (got lucky, very lanky and beautious).

    But anyway, sorry for my manners. Peace my friend.:smoke:

  4. Hey, no reason to apologize my man! I'm a noob too, so I understand. Next year I am going to grow in AT LEAST 5 gallon pots. But it is possible to do a successful grow in 3 gallon pots though for sure.
  5. Beautiful plants man.

    School starting for me soon and stuff so it is now looking like my hobby has to wait a bit but this place is such a great resource. Crazy.
  6. Me too :-/

    Starting my last year of schooling for my degree. Fall is going to be so depressing. Of course, my plants will be harvest-able and all, and it will be my first harvest ever so that will be exciting, but summer is where its at. I love tending to the garden outdoors, weather, back porch chillen and smokin, etc.

    Fall means coldness, and this green thumb gets depressed :(
    I don't have the ability to grow indoors here. Next summer awaits!

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