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  1. Her leaves have started to yellow from the bottom, up. She looks and feels super healthy and I'm thinking this could be something with nutrients, but idk. Any suggestions on what to do, or any explanation on what's wrong. She is in her early pre flowering stage and is still growing fine just these leaves are freaking me out.

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  2. The even paling/yellowing of the bottom-most leaves is usually a sign of nitrogen deficiency.
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    How can I fix it? Or can I? Is my plant dying?
  4. No, your plant isn't dying. She looks quite healthy, so she should recover from this. What kind of soil have you been using up to this point? Have you been feeding her any separate nutrients yet? If so, what kind? If not, then perhaps now would be a good time to add some.
  5. It's not dying, just needs some nutrients as she is getting large for a potted plant. Just water with some nutrients, if you have not already and no other leaves should be turning yellow.
  6. Nitrogen is a mobile nutrient, so the plant will take it from the lower leaves to satisfy the top growth. What I found interesting was when I had leaves yellowing prematurely, I corrected with nutes. I had one leaf covering the other. After a few days, I moved the leaf off of the other and there was a mark of yellow (like a sun tan) but the rest of the leaf that was visible to the sun had reverted back to green. So it shows that anything that is hidden or obstructed by light, won't be able to change pigment. That is why some people start by trimming the bottom leaves so that no leaf is just sitting in the shade without sun while consuming energy that the growth in full sun can be using.
  7. I added nutrients but she still is yellowing bottom up. But she looks and smells fantastic.
  8. This is her today

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  9. 20190704_123947.jpg 20190702_094449.jpg
  10. I was only keeping her in something cause she was suppose to be around 3 1/2 feet tall. But I am around 5'9 and she is almost as tall as me.
  11. When did you add the nutrients and what kind? It usually takes at least a week in soil to start seeing recovery results. I can't tell if she's getting better or not. Is she still continuing to get yellow leaves? The old affected leaves will not recover. You'll just have to pinch those off.
  12. I just thought to check this, here she is today
    20190727_123447.jpg 20190727_123455.jpg

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  13. You still haven't replied to my last question regarding what kind of soil you are using and what kind of nutrients you're giving her. That purple you see there can be a number of things, from lack of phosphorus to genetics, to cold nighttime temps. Do you constantly check the pH runoff of the plant? If your particular strain doesn't have any purple leaves, then you can cancel genetics out. What are the nighttime temps where she's at? If not all that too cold, then you can cancel cold temps out. You're left with a possible lack of phosphorus.

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