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  1. howz it going look i can see you know your shit,im knew to aquiring seeds on this internet i been ripped mislead,how bout you tell me where to get the best many people reccommend so many different banks,shit man,there good n bad reports on all of them,mandala ,doc, attitude they dont send my way man,i want advice on where to find reliable sources an what s the best strains to aquire,for a beginner,i been smoking since i can remember never forget the 1st time we had the morroccan hash down ere man that was mean ass shit,not forgetting white rhino man that was some crazy 1st time smoke,smoking that rhino via buckets,it obliviated us but tolerance built up open to any one that knows for real deal help here.honest reliable people only ,take it easy.
  2. I allready told you in your original thread, Marijuana Seeds (cannabis Seeds) High Quality Low Prices, they even sell those White rhino seeds your so fond of ;)

    Posting an "open letter" to the mods in the Seedbank forums isnt going to help either, you should have just private messaged AW. Now your just going to get more discipline :cool:
  3. If you want replies from people that aren't August West, here's mine. ;)

    Have you read through the sticky? -- lots of info there.

    I've only used Attitude & Nirvana so far. No problems with either and the packages arrived from both in 5 - 6 days.

    That's pretty much how it is with all types of business, so you just gotta take it all in and figure out which feels like the right choice to you.

    Also consider the source of the reviews and remember that a lot of negative reviews aren't always legit. For example, a letter from customs doesn't mean you got ripped by the company, even though some people feel that way because they didn't get what they paid for.

    And make sure when you read a lot of bad reviews that they're from different people. Sometimes, someone might have a problem with a company and bash them every chance they get. Thirty bad reviews might not be a big deal if 28 are from the same person. :D

    I don't know where you are, but I know there are a few that supposedly don't ship to the US. I'd narrow it down to a few you think you'd buy from and maybe contact them directly & ask if they'll ship to you.

    Mostly personal preference, but if you have some time to kill, just read through some of the descriptions on the websites. They'll usually have some basic info like indica/sativa, type of high, yield, height, weeks of flowering, etc... as well as some pictures. I forget which, but some also rate the grow difficulty, whether it's good for a beginner or not.

    You can also get some ideas just by reading through some of the grow journals here, since they'll usually mention they strain & where it's from. Just keep in mind that the skill of the grower has a lot to do with end result, but it's still nice to read up on the results from any level of grower.
  4. He's From Australia, and we have some HARDCORE customs agents here, most seedbanks wont even accept orders from Aussies.

    Theres litrially a 18 page thread from Australian growers about marijuana-seeds-nl, why have you continued to waste time with Banks that WILL NOT ship to you?
  5. well i didnt think it would be a big deal calling him out,but shit happens,look mate is this the same seed bank as 420 seeds via planet wax,if so i sent cash that way a month back it hit uk via express wit in days but they say they didnt filthy on my self for rushing in,i breed alot of dogs an these forums are so much the same deal rubbishing breeders for no good reason other times for good reason,then there just the pricks that talk da shit that they know nothing about
  6. i already sent the orders off before i got on this forum,things would be different
  7. hey dude,

    please send a PM next time.. or just ask the many many knowledgeable people on this forum in a thread like this.
    Or better yet, just look at all the existing threads and base your decision on that.

    i've only purchased seeds from 2 different places.


    both got me my seeds as advertised and very promptly. I can't speak from personal experience about any others on here because i never tried myself.

    i do know people who have used attitude and sannie's seed companies with great success as well.

    cheers man and good luck
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