August West?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Deleted member 95373, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. What happened to him? His account become N/A on my page all of the sudden, then I noticed he had changed his name again but the account wasn't active anymore and now I don't have anything but the N/A's in my User CP.

    Did he change his name or what....?
  2. I've been seeing him around as simply AW.
  3. He repped me after he changed his account name to that..... and now it's n/a?
  4. Honestly, what happens to a specific user really isn't anyone's business but his and the mods. polite as I can be, it's none of your guy's business.
  5. Well that's sorta fucked up. I'm only asking as a friend, if he got banned or decided to have his account deleted just let me know and we'll leave it at that. I'm not lookin for specifics if something negative happened, I'm simply wondering what happened to my politics buddy and whether or not he even has an account on the site anymore.
  6. Again, what happens with other people's accounts is again, NOYB. Things happen that other users don't need to know about. We're protecting his privacy as well as yours. SO I understand your feelings, but we CANNOT answer your question
  7. I was simply providing mikerelliftw with my insight based on what I last saw, wasn't asking anyone or prying myself. Just wanted to put that on the record. :)
  8. He wasn't banned. As WildWill said, it really is no one else's business. And we mean that in the most polite way possible. It's sad, for sure. But AugustWest left the building and that is all anyone can disclose.
  9. WW and Mat are both right; however, I can add that there wasn't anything regarding hard feelings or anything of that nature. People have their reasons for making their choices. AW is f'n awesome and we all know it and he'll be missed. :)
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