August 2013 Alien Invasion

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by chitownsmokeup, Jun 10, 2013.

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    Has anyone seen this yet? I don't believe it, but then at the same time if it were to happen I wouldn't be surprised but I still think it's bullshit. What's your guys thoughts on this "conspiracy" or "doomsday prediction"? Is it just another scare tactic or do you think it's for real?

  2. Bullshit.
    That is all.
  3. I've seen this se theory many times, never that the end of the world will start in August, but that our government is controlled by aliens that are evil.
    If it is true, than I associate that race as devil-ish, and I hope there is a good heavenly race also.
  4. nigga u gon dieeee
  6. I love it when these nut jobs include a date, so I can laugh at them when it doesn't happen.
    They usually stutter and stammer about miscalculations and claim it'll be in another
    couple of months, so I get to laugh at them again.
  7. We deserve it
  8. I saw this posted a few days ago haha.  Its funny that people even give this kind of stuff attention
  9. Anyone who takes this seriously is a fucking idiot. Log out, you're too stupid to ever possibly do anything right. People never to cease to amaze me with their stupidity. Please, continue.
  10. a 90% success rating, what did he correctly predict  
  11. That he can predict stuff correctly.
  12. There is a doomsday prediction every god damn year. One of these years it will stick haha. 
  13. FEMA was supposed to have an alien invasion drill back in April but it never went down.
  14. I'm so relieved
    That the aliens are waiting a day to invade the world so I can enjoy my birthday
  15. But a week before mine. :mad:
    I'll bring an eigth over to celebrate with you. :smoke:
  16. Hahahaha as much as I think the prediction is bullshit I agree with you.
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    Everytime he was gonna masturbate.
  18. Aliens got respect for my cancer fam.  :love:
  19. Someones gotta be right eventually!

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