Audit the fed

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  1. Senate votes 96-0 to audit Federal Reserve -

    Well lets see how this turns out........

    From Article: "The White House and Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke had opposed the Fed audit but relented after two concessions were made: It will be done only once and the list of funding recipients won't appear on the Internet until Dec. 1, rather than 30 days after enactment."

  2. They shouldn't even have the time to turn on their paper shredders, let alone half a year.
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    This is a half assed audit and NOT what the American people wanted. The Ron Paul language got voted out and the Sanders language that Dodd, the Federal Reserve, and Obama all support is what we're hearing about. They're trying to confuse the public.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Ron Paul I Am Very Concerned About What's Going To Happen![/ame]
  4. this just goes to show who's running this country.. it certainly isn't the people.
  5. It's pretty funny that Dodd, who pretty much everyone knows is a corrupt asshole, was tasked with 'financial reform' in this country. OH NO, GOTTA RUN THIS AUDIT THE FED BILL BY CHRIS DODD!!!
  6. how fucking disappointing

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