*AUDIO RAP BATTLE* SwitchOne VS. cberry

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  1. "Each contestant has 24 hours to check in, once both opponents have checked in, they have 24 hours to drop their verses. Remember the rules, 16 lines!!! Questions, just refer to the original thread which I provided a link to below.

    Once both verses have been dropped, voting will ensue for 24 hours, then the winner will be decided. Good luck!

    When writing your verses consider the following:

    Any questions on the definitions of the rules, see the original http://forum.grasscity.com/music-hall/810889-audio-rap-battle-tournament-1-a.html Thread.

    In order for your vote to count you must leave an explanation as to why you voted the way you did, otherwise your vote will not be counted. You cannot vote for yourself, either."

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    So here's the deal....I'm going camping for the night and have a party to go to tomorrow night. I just got up so I'm gonna get some shit together and I have to submit my last final for micro. If I can squeeze in a quick 16 and get it recorded before I leave here in like 3 hours I will, if not, I might not be able to get to it until tomorrow or Sunday...hopefully not as late as Monday.

    Let me know what you guys think

    And and edit for my beat choice....

  3. yeah, that's cool man. If you have a reason to be a little late it's cool, but the no-shows are getting DQ'd
  4. This kid might not even show as it is haha
  5. ahah i was gonna use that beat
  6. cberry you automatically advance, this kid didn`t even check
  7. Word, glad I didn't take time to record, I liked mine too =(

    just so people can see it if they want...

    I'm gonna mix it up til it's done, I won't flinch like SwichOne
    With 6 guns pointed through your bars, To his one
    I rip suns and split atoms, You couldn't fathom my universe
    This loser's worse than his pseudo, Like Pluto he's outta this tourny first!
    I've never used witchcraft but his shit's so whack, It's like he's cursed
    You better know that no skin graph could re-adjust my short bursts
    This shit's your fault, It's your flirt, Why you Swithed to rap, I'll never know
    What's better though, is being clever...But are you clever?...No
    I'm so cold I'll lend a sweater that'll absorb my simply wetter flow
    It's incredible I'm being respectable, I could eat you alive, But you ain't edible
    I'm impeccable, You're delectable, Like Lays, You can't eat just One
    At least you're plain and won't leave a stain, So I'm gonna Switch to Salt N' Vinegar, Son!
    And then when this is done I might have to Switch chips, Maybe try the Baked,
    Since your shit's so caked, It didn't feel high staked, Like I bought an eighth of shake!
    So I guess it's fate, You were meant to lose, It just wasn't in your cards,
    But what's funny is, This money was his, But I'll still send my best regards

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