*AUDIO RAP BATTLE* Scheezy VS. UpFromTheSkies

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  1. "Each contestant has 24 hours to check in, once both opponents have checked in, they have 24 hours to drop their verses. Remember the rules, 16 lines!!! Questions, just refer to the original thread which I provided a link to below.

    Once both verses have been dropped, voting will ensue for 24 hours, then the winner will be decided. Good luck!

    When writing your verses consider the following:

    Any questions on the definitions of the rules, see the original http://forum.grasscity.com/music-hall/810889-audio-rap-battle-tournament-1-a.html Thread.

    In order for your vote to count you must leave an explanation as to why you voted the way you did, otherwise your vote will not be counted. You cannot vote for yourself, either."

  2. AH! it's up. ok, check. i have a torrent to download a program - remember, i'm using my laptop mic. just to be clear we're dissing the opponent right (since the last battles i've seen were just flowing).

  3. obviously you're dissing the opponent, it's a BATTLE.
  4. you act like every verse in the text tourny was dissing their opponents, while actually none of them were, so i thought i'd ask, asshole.

  5. none of the text battle verses were dissing the other people? read again guy
  6. toss up a beat scheezy we're both goin in on the same one, we gotta have j dilla flip for it :)

    heres mine [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwuYuXKknCk]YouTube - Battle Rap Instrumental (Prod. By NoahG)[/ame]
  7. scheezy you postin' a beat or what?
  8. whatever, I gave you plenty of time. The beat being used will be the one Skies posted. I have a feeling Scheezy isn't going to drop anything, if he doesn't drop by the end of tomorrow you automatically advance Skies...
  9. ight scheezy is out. Skies wins by default
  10. im just that ill

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