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    I've read plenty of stories about people having visual/audio hallucinations, but have never experienced them myself until last night. It was amazing... I was just laying flat in the dark at 3 in the morning with my window open. All of the sudden from outside I hear "Drew! Drew! Drew!" in a females voice. It sounded like they were trying to get my attention, but when I looked out my window no one was there.

    Next thing I know I'm on gc and I start hearing elevator music coming from outside. The funny thing is I didn't realize that this music was there until about 15 minutes after it started playing. Like... I heard it but didn't think anything of it cause I was stoned:smoke:.

    I just kept smoking and smoking last night (something I don't usually do because I like saving money.) First weed hallucinations :metal:

  2. maybe you were just hearing shit. Whenever i get anything audio its basically pure music euphoria or increased/decreased hearing.
  3. May have been it, but it seemed like I was hallucinating. I remember the fact that I kept hearing people calling my name, but nothing was ever there.
  4. sounds like you were delirious to me. o_O
  5. I get that a lot recently. O.O

    Like I can't sleep in the dark anymore. Because a few nights ago I was laying in the dark staring up at the ceiling and I was trying to go to sleep and a CREEPY fuckin' voice whispered from the direction of my open closet door.

  6. I wasn't delirious Steez. I was just baked. I wasn't tired at all :p
  7. I've heard an entire disturbed song playing in my head once i turned my ipod off.

    I heard another disturbed song playing from the buzzing of a refridgerator.

    I heard 8-bit Mario music coming from across the lake before, have no idea what it actually was.

    Might be more but thats all I remember audio hallucinations are cool as hell man.
  8. i think i herd my mom once calling my name, it sounded so real; odd thing was i was home alone :confused:

    i get super paranoid. Like i don't know if someone is really talking when i have my back turned, and i begin to freak out; like what if i turn around and they start looking at me funny

    they know....:eek:
  9. I always think I hear people call my name when they don't

    And one day a few years ago I heard static all throughout my house for like 3 minutes, but nothing was on, it was mad creepy

    One time a while back I was watching my little bro for the night, all of my cats were upstairs and we both thought we heard someone turning the garage doornob slowly in my basement and open the door. We were so freaked out we peaced to the neighbors house.
  10. i think i have heard voices calling me being home alone too.. but only when im really high and paranoid
  11. Wow guys... I love your stories. I think I'm going to turn this into an audio hallucinations thread? :eek:?
  12. haha one of the first times i got real high i went to the bathroom and the whole time thaught there was a lot of people in front of the door talking about me n shit haha i was pretty creeped out :D never happened again :) often when i think the noises coming from the tv are coming from the hall :D only when the tv is almost muted :D
  13. I just smoked again and I hear people outside my window again haha no joke. This weed makes me more tired than any weed I've ever smoked - It's the only weed I hallucinated with - Smells better than any other weed I've had before. Laced or Dank? (It's dank but do some strains do this?)
  14. So I have been smoking a lot of this shit called Head Trip its a really strong synthetic marijuana its about 60 for 4gs but lately its really been fucking with my head like I hear people screaming when no one's really there its just some strong ass shit lemme know if anyone else smokes it.

  15. That's because all synthetic weed is filled with chemicals. You get high because of chemicals, not thc. You should stay away from that shit man.
  16. aha the last auditory hallucination I had was when I was smoking in my bathroom and I thought my mom was calling my name over and over again as if she could smell the smoke. My dumbass, opens the door with smoke just seeping out into the halls and didn't see anyone so I just kept chiefin'.

    haha it couldve just been paranoia tho.
  17. say something in my mind that happen to be outloud
  18. lol, funny shit.

    Has anyone here ever had the thing, where you shut your eyes with some music on. The music make you remember something, you "see" that something, then that thing makes you remember another thing. It's happened to me a few times, just getting this random string of images flashing up with some awesome tunage on.
  19. When my friends and I use to sneak into an abandon house I could've SWORN I heard a woman singing, my friend said he heard it too. All night I was freaking out like "No wonder this house is abandoned the ghost fucking talk and sing to you WTF!?"

    hahaha wish it'd happen more often.
  20. back when i was a kid and id be smoking in the room id mysteriously hear like my mom coming running up the stairs and stash all of my shit in a panic...then nobody was coming up the stairs

    used to piss me off, but i also did other drugs as a kid.

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