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  1. Right or wrong?
  2. i guess i would say right, but you might have to elaborate on that somewhat...isnt this a situation specific trait?
  3. Ah, now we get to the meat of it. Is it only a trait?

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  4. I think i'd say no, but yea elborate Doktaj

  5. Elaborate on what I should elaborate on.
  6. Audacity cannot be split up between right and wrong, it is either on or off in human beings. Either they are using it or not.

    So in a way, audacity is a matter of preference, it has nothing to do with right or wrong, but more of whether it suits the character using it and whether the situation is deemed appropriate.

    If people have it on, they have their reasons. If people have it off, they have their reasons too. The function has its times to be used, its times to not.

  7. Hmm... so you say right and wrong don't apply here, and yet you're suggesting there is a right way to look at audacity and a wrong way? :p

    This is getting hot.
  8. There is no right or wrong way, there is only your way.

    Your way seems to be collective/collab way of looking at things, bringing together individuals to answer questions about dualities that don't really exist as a collective mind rather than an individual mind, am I right?

    Now I ask you a question:

    Is life a constantly changing balance, an unbalanced yet balanced balance?

    Or is it constant, remains and does not move?
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  9. Well, what an audacious thing for you to say! haha Just kidding, but I remember awhile ago saying I'd rep the first person who could point out my method. I have to say that's a pretty good hit right there. Although, you kind of undermine your point by highlighting a collective-individual distinction. haha You see what I mean. We're all you to you, at least when you talk to us each as me. :p

    Audacity. Seems like someone got the point of yet another bkadoctaj thread.

    Life (the concept) is necessarily transformative, or else it would illustrate why concepts don't work and therefore why people never use them. As an empiricist would say, the theory does not match the facts.

    But if you are talking about what you have, which is really who you are, the essence does not change, the manifestation necessarily does. Why? Attention shifting... loose intention.

    To truly be the totality, is to lose all desire to explain it. :p
  10. i thought this was about a computer program i had :confused:
  11. In Spirituality And Philosophy?

    I guess it's possible.
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    Ahhh I'm glad I got that out of me.

    You are too good doctahhh.
  13. sometimes things arent always right and wrong.. just because it might not be right doesnt make it wrong.

    i think there are times for audacity. a time and a place for everything, eh?
  14. Right and wrong are so illusive, if there are two people standing over two rocks and one says, "there are two rocks", did he make or break truth, or was he just talking?
  15. This is a good question. :) Does truth require a truth-sayer/narrative?

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