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ATXsouljah's Official Picture/Pickup Thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ATXsouljah, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. What's up GrassCity?!

    I figured instead of flooding GrassCity with all these pick up threads, i would make my own thread. Use this thread to post my photography and pick ups.

    Yesterday I went over to a friends house (which i met through my psycho ex), and we were chilling, talking about how f***ed up my ex is, yaddi yaddi yadda. Long story short I picked up some of this Dro. Was my first time smoking in almost a month and after two hits I was feeling it, stronger and longer than I have in over a year (t-breaks work wonders). When I went to a headshop looking for a pipe the guy behind the counter tried selling me some Strawberry Cough, but all I had was $50. Instead I just bought an eighth of my friends Dro.

    Macro Nug

    Three grams of Dro (one bowls worth was already smoked), T-Mobile G1, Camel Lights

    Macro Nug
  2. Tasty nugs you got there. +rep
  3. G1 FTW! i love my G1 it gives me so much to do when im high. nice bud!:smoke:
  4. Thank you sir, hopefully next time I will have enough for some better quality but I cannot complain. I mainly smoke schwag, poor college kid and thats all my friends also have, so when i get myself even Dro, it is a treat! I guess I just try to not spoil myself to often.

    Ha Ha, yes I love my G1, my favorite apps are PingPong Lite,, Shazam, and Fake-A-Call which comes in handy when your in an awkward situation and you just want to have an excuse to leave and either do something more fun.
  5. Looks like some high mids to me, good visible trichs.
  6. Small bowl of my latest pick up in my friends mini bong

    Lean Pocket, with Lay's Potato chips
  7. haha lean pocket and chips sounds good, not as good as how dirty your friends bong looks. cant be smoking some dro out of a dirty bong.
  8. Lol.
    Nice macros
  9. Just smoked a little :smoking: of my latest pick up and decided to create a easy and fast healthy dinner. It consists of whole rye bread, hard peppered salami, aged swiss cheese. and in the back of the picture (green blog) is a stuffed grape leaf which consists of a leaf, rice, seasoning, roasted peppers, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
    Earlier today I decided to dedicate the day to taking pictures. :)



  10. nice looking car and bud what kind of car is iT??
  11. the first red car is mine a 2006 mitsubishi eclipse gt, and the econd red car is my friends 2008 mazda 3.

  12. how do you like your eclipse

    i was thinking about getting one myself
  13. Those nugs look good man, but dro doesn't have anything to do with quality... What strain is it?
  14. those are some dense nugs, look real nice tho
  15. not sure my friend said hydo, but idk about that...

    i love the eclipse, it turns amazingly, nothing compared to a evo or sti, but for how much money the car costs it is amazing bro.
  16. Noticed the MTN cans and I think I recognized your username from another forum. Bombingscience maybe?
  17. #17 ATXsouljah, Jun 14, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 14, 2009
    I am on BombingScience.

    I just picked this fellow up at the local headshop, the reason I got a penguin is because all my ex's for some reason always called me there penguin. HAHA. Or maybe I just have kinky ex's, anyway here is my penguin pipe that I have been using these past two days, its really handy when you smoke in your back yard or w/e because it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand and it is very comfortable to hold.


  18. amazing pipe bro i want that baddd
    how much was it
  19. i paid 25 bucks for that little thing :) im not sure if it is worth it exactly. But for me it is, it brings back memories of my past and I think penguins are bad a**. HA.
  20. long story short my ex came into town, and we decided to spark up for old times sake, so we ended up on the bleachers at my old middle school's football feild. She pulled out her frosted glass chillum, and packed a bowl of Shishkaberry one of her current favorite strains (she only had a tiny bit left). In her other small baggy she had some Shoreline and ended up giving me the rest of her stuff before she ended up driving back home. Here is the little bit of the Shoreline that she gave me.

    Jack Daniel's Zippo :D

    After she drove back home I ended up going over to this new girls house and "hung out" haha. You could say I had a very delightful day/evening.

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