Atuss HX (hydrocodone and guaifenesin) preparing to consume a lot of apap/gauf

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    So i found these pills called atuss hx (three of them), but instead of the usual apap+hydrocodone its guaifenesin+hydrocodone.

    now i am not asking how many i should take or any dosage adive because i already know i will be taking all three of them (plus my last remaining vicodin 7.5/500 iirc with apap) its a mind set so im ready for any damage im about to do, if any will be done which leads me to the point of this thread.

    will 1500mg of gauf mixed with 500mg of apap outweigh the positive effects i "should" be receiving from the hydrocodone or will it just bring me down and ruin any bit of euphoria i assuming nausea will be the main culprit here?

    1500mg gauf
    22mg hydrocodone (actually it might be 20mg because i think my m357 vicodin is 5/500 i jsut cant remember if its that or the 7.5 type)
  2. It shouldn't bring you down, but you might throw up. Try taking some antacid or something to make sure you get all of the hydrocodone and not throwing it up.
  3. Alright thanks man. Hopefully i dont get a bad reaction, just poped the 4 pills. Might smoke in a bit to potentiate the hyrdo
  4. Bros,

    Hummmmm so you took all 3 of the pills huh (and holds up 4 fingers)...

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    I also said i was gonna take my last vicodin.

    btw, ended up being a nice warm&fuzzy night. and got no discomfort whats so ever (apap or gauf related, straight up hydro buzz) getting cleared up now, gonna get some sleep. night
  6. Just do a cold water extraction if you have a decent # of them.

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