Attributes of 'God'

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  1. -Knows everything
    -Created everything
    -Is Love personified
    -Is never wrong
    -Eternal, can't die
    -All that is

  2. 1. God knows the future? Then there is no free will.
    2. Created itself?
    3. Is also Evil personified
    4. Then wanted Disease and Starvation to kill a child every 5 seconds.
    5. Who created the creator?
    6. God is my ejaculate? Cool.
  3. I think it is a paradox that something can create itself.

    The universe, however, may be a paradox in itself... :)
  4. The truth is paradoxical, yes :)
  5. no there is no paradox,

    whatever really happaned makes perfect sense, its just far far beyond our understanding
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    ... This world is a reflection of us
    And in a world of self centered self righteous hiprocrits, it's only natural that their godll be a reflection of them just as your god is yours
  7. God is more than ideas and words, but it's always nice to ponder.
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    Yeah thats what I was saying
    I see him as a conscious being

  9. The paradox makes sense, but to the general way of thinking it appears to be a contradiction.
  10. Looking at this will always seem like a paradox.

    In order to truly know god you have to be in a state where 'you' know nothing, yet once achieved, if knowing god is something you now know, you are no longer in a state where you know nothing, so you can no longer know god. ;)
  11. Emptying your mind will free it to learn all things :)
  12. -EveryWhere, all the time

    -Force that holds atoms/molecules together...the antecedent that allows them to work
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    Isaiah 40:26 is a good read
  14. 1. God isn't the old man with a beard, and he does know of the future. There is still free will, he just knew what would happen just as we can decide what to paint, he knows what the end work will look like.
    2. It didn't create itself, it just exists.
    3. It is not either evil or good, its just a source.
    4. Doesn't really want...
    5. Same as number 2.

    I don't agree with what the OP said, atleast not enough to say it myself, but your arguments against him are against your own god or the one you were raised with, it can be seen from your counter argument.
  15. I guess I just mean, God is Love.
  16. :laughing: So who does it make sense to?
  17. so baisaclly you just said "yes i agree"
  18. it doesnt have to make sense to anyone at any given time silly

    earth revolving around the sun makes perfect sense to us now, but they used to nthink the eath was flat and believed it so strongly that contradicting it was herecy and punishable by death

    everything makes sense, we just need to figure it out
  19. You pretty much just said we couldn't. "It doesn't have to make sense to anyone at any given time, but we gotta wait til it makes sense."

    Makes sense right? :cool:

  20. this sounds like more faith bs

    yea you cant fill an empty cup bla bla, but you are making the mistake that athietsts are closed minded to god. lol, ass

    athiests are not closed minded, we just read things like "satan put fossiles in the earth to test our faith" evolve into "dinosaurs were actualy dragons and exists thousands of years ago" and realize they are just attemts to prove somehting true that isnt

    i am VERY open minded to some superior being and creator existing out there, i just know logically that the bible is a falacy, and its purpose ic controll and extortion

    faith itself is a falacy, the belief that something is true without having to see it.

    faith is believing god exists cause daddy told you it did, or dude in expensive robes that you bought told you it did.

    wake up

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