ATTN : SOUTH BAY & TORRANCE! JOIN US on a march NOV 26! #OccupyTogether

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    Bill O'Reilly recently declared the end of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, as you can see for yourself in the following video if you'd like.
    Worst Persons: Bill O
    Now, if you're reading this you're either for the movement, against the movement, or don't really know what to think...

    To get everyone on the same page, here is a basic overview of why OWS protesters in California are getting mad.

    As of September 2011 Cali has an 11.3% Unemployment Rate (worse than nat'l avg. of 9.1%) , nearly 60,000 homes were foreclosed on in CA in August 2011 (that's just for the month of August), and 16.3% of people are living below poverty level in California (worse than nat'l avg. of abt 15%) and to top it off, 19.4% of Californians are uninsured with health insurance (even with health insurance medical bills still accounts for 2/3 bankruptcies).

    We want our politicians and representatives to know that corporate backing is not the only kind of influential backing they have. They have the backing of the people, which should be the most important. Through this movement we are reestablishing the fact that we have a voice and if bullshit cronyism is going down at the White House in favor of Wall Street and not the overwhelming majority of Americans who are in need, then we are going to be mad as HELL not just for a week, or a month, but until we see change!

    The South Bay and Torrance is organizing a PEACEFUL MARCH on Wilson Park the morning of Saturday November 26th 2011.
    visit Occupy Together Meetup - Torrance, CA | Nov 26, 2011 - Meetup
    for more information!


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