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attn OREGON, sensi is coming out west!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by sensimil, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. Yes, folks that is right!
    Ive missed my brother toooo much! after him moving and making me very jealous of departing the rents (joking, ok maybe, but I cant be sure till I take this trip!) Ive been missing him dearly. and the beautiful pictures he sends me from the west coast, do me NO justice! I MUST see this place for myself!
    to my luck, my aunt and uncle, who are very much more well off than my parents and myself, want to help me see him! they have offered, a total shock to everyone, round trip tix and a buck to ship my poor ass out to portland oregon to spend some time out there, away from here, however you look at it, Im heading out!
    Tomorrow (8th) night I need to give dates so they can set up flights for me, Im giving them the 17th-30th, a nice long vaca- 2 weekends with the bro, who does work during the days...either way, Im looking foward to just getting out there. :D I cant wait!
    Im wondering, cause he is relatively new to the area as well (been there since november, but works his ass off, has pretty much only been fishing and working) and I know there are a few of you from oregon...sights, attractions, bars, pubs, girls, etc...LOL got the idea?!?!? lol, we both like to check out the OR hunnies ;) lol. Im flying into PDX, which is relatively~ close to him...Im going to look at maps now though, just for reference. pm me if you got some specific idears for us...I want to make the *most* of this...I dont want to miss a *thing* :)
    so! fill me in. im to excited to type anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D (or to type any more smilies apparently!!!!!)
  2. Have fun, Sensi! don't know much about Oregon.and I hope you have a meaningful visit with your brother.
  3. hehe, the goonies.

    so sensi... whats happening with current chica numero uno? this gonna be some head clearing time too? i'm sure this is gonna work out for the best... i got a feeling. ...and its not often i get "a feeling" ;)

  4. god, digit, the phone was ringing, I was just waiting for the radio station to pick up so I can freak out to a fav song, but when I read your reply, I had to, hang up...

    buddy, you hit me. so feel me so well, it crazy nuts.

    i did get a feeling, hense, the thread lol, which I started even before I went out tonight and havent checked before this one...so, but, that feeling, yeah, god, intuition....
    FOR so long I thought I lost it...I thought, i was just that fish swimming up and down stream fighting myself when all this time I shouldve just let the waters flow, and let myself go, who am I to control? lol, everything, (dispite! losing the gf as a gf!) is falling into place for me!

    Yes, this trip out west, out to see my head clearing brother (weve talked so much, hes my best friend, and my first SKYDIVE partner) and besides him, this trip getting outta clougy AC, will do me justice!

    digit I feel your well wishes with me on this trip already :)

    lol, ive been celebrating and plan on continuing, so as far as tonight, it may be rubberish (I love that word btw) but im happy as hell...and im sure after my coffee in the morn, ill be bacl with full details...! :D

    im so happy!


    until then, lets talk rubbish! hehe!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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